About Nugable


About the site: Nugable is the best independent surf blog in the universe. It is updated daily weekly sometimes.

About the author: Steve Nug is a journalism graduate from Huntington Beach, California, USA. In his younger days, when he used to sport a shag, he edited Electric Ink Magazine. Today he runs the digital rag you stumbled upon. Sometimes he is funny. If you have a passion for surfing, debauchery, satire, used cars, land, whiskey, manure, nails, racing forms, fly swatters and bongos you may have just found a Hugable Nugable new home.

To send hate mail, job offers, money, product for review, bomb threats, submissions, praise or baby announcements you can contact him here: Nugable@gmail.com.

All content is written by Steve Nug (aka The Nug).

Twitter: http://twitter.com/stevenug


9 responses

30 11 2009

Nuggy? is that you? What is going on?

Nice little site you have here.

7 12 2009
Richard JWT Transplant

Like the site good job Nug…. You were always one of my favorite writers!

19 03 2010
billy fever - stab defector

YES. My new home.

25 03 2010

Nice work, check out ours….. _!!!

9 04 2010
Occy's Mum

Damn this site is a ripoff and the world has gone to shit.

19 04 2010

what’s this? an american surf (e)mag as good as the australian’s? how the fuk did that happen? nice… actually, i mean: finally!

8 01 2012
bill Keenom

was that a real interview with Sunny Garcia? I mean if you were sitting there with him saying those things I’m thinking he’d be trying to kick your ass. But a real Fox reporter couldn’t say that stuff anyway. I loved it! Don’t get me wrong, but sheesh!

31 03 2014
Tony Keen

Hi Steve,

I run my own proofreading company – http://www.tkproofreading.com.au – and I was wondering whether you would be interested in utilising my services.

Kind Regards,

Tony Keen

10 06 2017
Misty Hartman

Please help me find the orange Zig zag poster

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