The Roundup and Quik Pro Open Thread

26 02 2010

....and so it begins. Snapper Rocks. Photo by Joli

This is an open thread for the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. If you wish, comment as you watch online. (  

The Roundup is a compilation of recommended clicks and awesomeness this week in the world of surfing and beyond. If you have any suggestions, links or tips email me at   

ASP Awards Banquet photo gallery. Dane, Kelly, Mick, Joel, Jordy, Fish, Bam, Coco, Gilmore and significant others get all dressed up (almost).

Just another clown with a surf blog.
(Surfer Magazine)     

Before Lewis Samuels men lived in caves, had yet to invent the wheel and had to read cumbersome paper magazines with annoying advertisements.

Charlie Smith opines on Snapper’s Eve. “The Dane and Jordy know what they must do to win this year. They have cut their teeth. Their horns are no longer green. They will win lots, both of them, and when they win it is exciting because Dane surfs crazy and Jordy parties crazy. And Dane is crazy.”
(Surfing Magazine)    

A fantastic interview with Surfing’s Travis Ferre.
(Runamuk Visuals)    

Mexico, Kelly, Dane, Julian and an HD camera that rolls off 1000 frames per second.
(976 Surf)    

Jed “The Greek” Smith uses the word Negro and then says he’s sorry.
(Stab Magazine)  

The Edsel, the Pinto and now Fantasy Surfer. I think they have Toyota engineers working on a fix now.
(Fantasy Surfer

Bobby being Bobby. Finally. An ESPN Surfing post I read in its entirety without nodding off after the first paragraph. Congratulations fellas.
(The Mickey Mouse Club)   

I have no idea where River Oaks is but I just might move there.
(Craigslist via Major League Jerk)


Three to the Beach: The Weekly Roundup

16 10 2009


Today is a glorious day. I’m introducing a new feature titled “Three to The Beach” where I essentially provide links to surfing related posts on the Internet I deem worthy of reading. It will be a regular feature on Nugable. If you have any suggestions, links, tips or just want to call me an asshole, feel free to email me at

Photographer Dustin Humphrey goes absolutely bonkers in a photo feature/ad campaign for Insight titled Dope-amine. (meSurf)

Why the world title race is much closer than you think. Aaron Checkwood reminds us Joel Parkinson, not Mick Fanning, is the number-one horse right now. (Transworld Surf)

Charlie Smith is driving a BMW around Europe with his investment banker. Sometimes he even makes it to the surf event he is covering. (Stab Magazine)

Taj Burrow’s punt of the month. (Surfline)

Who would be more likely to let Derek Rielly toss their salad? Mick or Joel? (Demon Factory)

Finally, the video below has nothing to do with surfing, but it’s worth a look.

Photo: Dustin Humphrey