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8 02 2010

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Searching For Michael Peterson

6 10 2009


During the early and mid ’70s Michael Peterson was the best surfer in Australia. He was an Australian champion in 1972 and 1974 and gained fame for his legendary tube ridding skills and lanky yet stylish surfing. He was a Gold Coast legend and was about to become a world-wide surf star.

Peterson was known for smoking massive amounts of marijuana before and after sessions. This was the ’70s on the Gold Coast, so this doesn’t come as any big surprise. But Peterson’s fast living eventually took its toll and culminated during a police chase in 1983 that attracted national news coverage akin to surfing’s version of O.J. Simpson’s wild Bronco ride…without the murder and with more drugs. Eventually, he was caught, but not before Australian police sent 35 patrol cars after him. Sadly, he never surfed again.

In Sean Doherty’s biography, MP: The Life of Michael Peterson, he writes about Peterson’s heroin addiction, a major contributor his demise, and his struggles with undiagnosed schizophrenia.

The following is a trailer from Searching for Michael Peterson, an independent documentary by Jolyon Hoff that premieres in San Francisco tomorrow and plays throughout California this month. Visit for tour dates or to buy the DVD.