Trick Tips—The Frontside Bottom Turn

25 08 2009

Alana Blanchard

Trick tips are surfing’s editorial equivalent to throwing in the towel. You see them in all the surf mags and all over the web. Has anyone ever learned a damned thing from Kalani Robb explaining how to do a floater or Taj Burrow talking about how to do an air reverse? I worked for a dot com at the turn of the Millennium. One day we had a meeting with one of the VP’s and he was adamant about including more trick trips on the site. “We need more trick tips,” he said while adjusting the waistband on his Dockers. “That’s what the kids want.”

Today, I’ve decided to throw in the towel.

The frontside bottom turn as performed by Alana Blanchard.

The bottom turn is a standard maneuver that sets up practically every other maneuver in your arsenal. Some might prefer the “backside,” but the frontside can be a tricky beast and equally rewarding. First make sure your “stick” has plenty of wax on it. Things can and will get slippery. You don’t want to experience one of those dog-in-the-bathtub catastrophes. When paddling, I prefer to kick my legs like a wild bronco at a rodeo to give an extra burst.  Now dive in with all your might.

After you get up, rotate your weight and dip your inside shoulder. When you see that section begin to peel a bit…go for broke. Make sure you shift your hips in a thrusting motion, but not too hard. Be gentle. You want to start slowly, build up a rhythm near the lip and crescendo and just the right moment. When in doubt remember; the more you practice, the better you will get.