The Roundup: Swine Flu Edition

12 02 2010

The Roundup is a compilation of recommended clicks this week in the world of surfing and beyond. If you have any suggestions, links, tips or want to donate product or cash to support a hungry blogger email me at

A Mavericks contest without Jeff Clark is like an issue of O Magazine without Oprah on the cover. Regardless, it’s a go for Saturday. (

Why surf blogs matter. Now I know what Navin R. Johnson felt like in The Jerk when he discovered his name in the phone book. (Surfer Magazine)

Mike Hynson talks about the famous scene in Rainbow Bridge when they stored hash in a Rainbow surfboard. (The Surfer’s Journal)

Mick Fanning offers President Obama surfing lessons? The horror. (Boardistan)

Rasta isn’t going to like this one bit. Is Billabong in bed with the bin Ladens? (

The Brown brothers on a boat? I’m speechless. Really I Am. (

Looking for some concealable weapons? Look no further. (

The new face of the Republican party is Ronald Reagan? (The Onion)