2010 Nugable Gear Guide

23 03 2010

1. Drugstore Flip Flops
You need a bottle opener on your sandal like you need another hole in your head. That’s so 2007. Use a lighter or your teeth to open that bottle and save 40 bucks in the process. They also have these things called bottle openers. And don’t worry about the blisters on your feet. They build character. These rubber gifts from God will protect the soles of your feet from broken beer bottles and the crack vials that litter your beach.

2. Used bar of Wax

I’m fairly certain they sell this stuff at surf shops. I can’t recall ever buying a bar of wax. Somehow I always have half bar in my ride. There’s a bar melting in my car as I write this. I have no idea how it got there. I probably stole it from some unsuspecting grom. Sometimes I find a perfectly good bar just sitting on the beach. Buying wax is for suckers.

3. Casio 8-Digit Calculator Dual Time Watch
Forgot about those high-priced surf watches that keep track of tides and have all those bells and whistles. Fuck that shit. This bad boy has a calculator and it’s a chick magnet. I saw Dane Reynolds use this same watch last summer trying to calculate how much to tip the waitress at Dennys. It was money.

4. Beer Can Covers
Did they make drinking on the beach in your city illegal? Not to worry. The beer can cover disguises your liquid lunch with the utmost class. Stick it to the man and enjoy your suds in peace.

5. Zig Zag Rolling Papers
The most important tool of any surfer’s arsenal is undoubtedly the rolling paper. Whether you’re a young hipster rolling tobacco or a crusty, old stoner enjoying a pre or post-surf spliff, these always come in handy. I trust no man who cannot roll an adequate joint. You shouldn’t either.

6. Recycled Wetsuit
New wetsuits are overrated. The last for less than one season. Sure, they keep you warm and are super light, but they aren’t exactly sturdy. What’s the answer? Bust out the old suit in your garage when your hi-tech number breaks down. And it’s good for the environment to recycle.