Snickers Satisfies

1 04 2010

The Bell is the most prestigious trophy in surfing. Photo by Joli

Snickers is the presenting sponsor of the Bells event. Officially it’s called the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach presented by Snickers. I think it’s a good thing Snickers is spending money on professional surfing. Who doesn’t enjoy a Snickers bar from time to time? And their marketing campaign with catchy little slogans on the back of the wrapper is genius.

In conjunction with the Easter pilgrimage to Bells Beach by surfing’s elite, Snickers has launched a new, surf-centric campaign to coincide with Rip Curl Bells Pro. The candy conglomerate will be stocking the VIP and competitor’s area with these chocolate, nougaty treats throughout the event. Nugable was able to get a sneak peek.

Additionally, Rip Curl is developing a wetsuit they say will revolutionize the industry. Designers have been working with Mars, Incorporated (the parent company of Snickers) to develop the first edible wetsuit.

Although it’s still in the development stage and not ready for consumers just yet, they hope to unveil the suit at ASR in September.

“It’s 40 percent neoprene, 30 percent chocolate, 30 nougat and 100 percent delicious,” said Hound Adams, head designer for Rip Curl. “The only problem is Kekoa Bacalso ate the one and only sample during a one-hour session at an undisclosed spot off the Great Ocean Road.”




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1 04 2010

…you sandbaggin’ sonzahbitches!

1 04 2010

bloody funny mate good work!

1 04 2010

wow. travis ferre covering bells instead of chas smith? didn’t see that one coming. the question is, quality journalism-wise, what’s the diff? in lieu of getting nug on the ‘ct ink stained wretch program, ‘ing should just have left both the writing and the photography to jimmy-jimbo ” insert latest nickname here” wilson– at least it would be entertaining and possibly generate nugable size interest / comments numbers on their new ( weak ) website. corpo mag surf journalism officially died the day evan salter stepped down. r.i.p….

1 04 2010

* slater …

1 04 2010

** apologies to nugable for going on a separate tack and not giving credit due with your quite clever and very funny take on snickers ( it’s so easy to be be blinded by shoddy writing ). and, btw, who did the snickers wetsuit graphic? you need to think about branching that one out to other possible wetsuit- corporate logos ala nascar. could be a possible few good mind fucks in that batch…

1 04 2010

Good Post Nugable fellow.

The people of Ford would also like to point out that the winner will recieve a “Lime Squeeze Metalic” Ford Fiesta. These car are unreal and will soon overtake the “Roxy Echo Toyota” model as best selling female surfer car.

****Car is to small to hold a 6’1″ so Soft Racks come standard.

1 04 2010

The Kekoa quote I think was the best part of this. Hilarious!!

1 04 2010
The Nug

So many ideas, so little time…

Rip Curl to dig up Howard Cosell’s carcass to announce Bells event
Stab’s Elements of Style by Ricky Martin
Tricks Tips—The Superman air by Jimmicane and Jordy Smith
Occy and Tom Curren to star in Cocoon sequel
Dane Reynolds Xeroxes an Andy Warhol soup can and calls it art

1 04 2010

Your ready for a lawsuit with that one nugget! snickers would be screaming. That’s as bad as when i went to indonesia and found a chicken shop that sold fried chicken in red, white and blue boxes and the name of the shop was YFC !

1 04 2010
Enoch Ward

This post is so old that… oops. Sorry. Hard to shake old habits.

A new post, and a good one at that. The Mickers Jewlicious bars are instant classics. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, your photoshop work is stellar.

And I have to say that an edible Snicker’s wetsuit on Alana Blanchard makes my pelvic pole drip with pride.

1 04 2010
Perkus Tooth

I swear I would pay Dave Stansfield $100 to say Kekoa Bacalso’s name correctly just once.

1 04 2010

Jewlishious? Is snicker’s made by Jew’s? Is it made of Jew’s? Certainly Jew’s funded/ Own/ Manage/ Trade Stocks of/ Do other Prof. Services for Mars Inc.

I’m quite Jewish, and I understand why Mick said what he did. It was always the unenlightened kids who’d do the pestering about my religion. I.E. The uneducated, might join the KKK/ Neo-Nazi movement kind of kids. They always come around once they learn to read, write, be open minded and do math (jewish things).

I still like Mick though. I’m sure he’s kind of sorry. Someone should forward him some info about the jewish community. We’re all about truth, money, justice and rendering professional services. Christians and catholics seem to be all about God video taping/ judging you, alter boy molestation, some fat guy with flying deer delivering gifts, a giant bunny giving out candy, nazi pope, etc., etc..

1 04 2010

Do you realise how hypocritical you sounnd? To say you are all about truth and justice and then in the next sentance you totally writes off christians and catholics saying they are the ones that are ‘judging’. Sure some of them are judgemental but there are millions of christians and each one has a different personality.
When you wrote Christians off in that sentance you put yourself on the same level as the anti-semetic people you complain about.
You remind of a child that gets bullied by his Dad and and brothers at home and then when he goes to school he becomes the schoolyard bully.
Think about it.

1 04 2010
April's Fool

@dante and Jah-sh


1 04 2010

Who is going to eat the most snickers in the competitor’s area during the event?

Kekoa is an easy pick but my money is on AI after losing in round two.

1 04 2010
Richard Dawkins

You chumps better not turn this post into another religious debate…

1 04 2010
Enoch Ward

I would pay $100 bucks to never allow Stansfield near a commentary booth again. Of the current crop that’s available, Chris Cote, Mailman, and Peter Mel should rotate through every contest on the CT.

Ideally, they would have commentary by people hired through the ASP with no affiliation with the major sponsors.

But ‘ideally’ is a foreign concept to the headless chicken heretofore referred to as the ASP governing body.

1 04 2010

I say get Enoch Ward doing the commentary.

1 04 2010

Enoch Ward and Lewis Samuels.
Commentary A team in the ASP booth.
Can their wit transfer from the keyboard to the tounge?
Here’s to wishful thinking.

1 04 2010
Jamon Bagel


That is a genius idea. Maybe we can ad Blasphemy Rottmouth to do the color commentary. No cameras allowed in the booth though, cause that would be way too weird.

1 04 2010
Enoch Ward

If Lewis and I were locked in a commentary booth for any amount of time, I am pretty sure they would be removing one of us in a body bag. Probably me. For I am built like an albino sea slug.

Although I do have sharp elbows.

I would probably just stare at him the whole time until he eventually turned, removed his geek-glasses, and calmly pummeled me into a quivering lump of pizza dough.

1 04 2010
Jamon Bagel

Tyler Durden! Tyler Durden!

1 04 2010

I would pay 100 dollars for religion to disappear.

1 04 2010
Jamon Bagel

Why do people think that I’m you? Answer me!
Now answer me, why do people think that I’m you?
I think you know.
No, I don’t.
Yes, you do. Why would anyone possibly confuse you with me?
Uh… I… I don’t know.
[Random flashbacks]
You got it.
Say it.
Narrator: Because…
Tyler Durden: Say it.

1 04 2010
Enoch Ward

Sorry Jamon. I am no Lewis Samuels.

Me being an alter-ego of Lewis Samuels makes about as much sense as Mike voting Republican.

But, think about this:

Has anyone ever seen Lewis Samuels and Patrick Swayze in the same place??? Well, have they?

Like Lewis Samuels, Patrick Swayze was a renown surfer, rebellious when robbing banks, and deeply spiritual about the sport he cared so deeply for. Patrick went by Bodhi as a nickname – while many people don’t realize that Samuel’s friends often referred to him as Lewis “the Body” Samuels. Body… Bodhi… you see where I am going with this.

Now here’s where the story takes an eeeeenteresting twist. They both disappeared in September of last year. True story. Google the dates.


I know.

Just don’t tell too many people.

1 04 2010
Chris Cote

Great post Nug. That’s all, just dropping a line to say great post. No agenda here.

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