David vs. Rip Curl

10 03 2010

Several months ago the phone rang with an unfamiliar number. On the line was veteran Australian journalist Nick Carroll. He wanted to interview me about this very blog for a publication I had never heard of. “Sure,” I said. “Why not.” The blog was in its early stages and at the time I was surprised anyone in the industry was reading it. We had a nice, long conversation. I think I even made him laugh a few times. I don’t remember much of the conversation really. And I don’t even know what happened to the interview. He probably canned it. Ever since that conversation Kurungabaa.net has become one of my daily reads.

Yesterday I received a copy of the December issue of Kurungabaa in the mail. In the indigenous Dharawal language “Kurungabaa” means “pelican.” If you’re not familiar with the publication, it’s a not-for-profit, reader-supported magazine published bi-annually on Harvest Silk. Kind of an Australian Surfer’s Journal without advertising and a focus on the written word. In it are essays, poems and stories inspired by the sea.

I read a good portion of the magazine in one sitting, but one story stood out. It was a personal narrative by Stephen Shearer titled “David vs. Rip Curl.” In it Stephen tells of the events that transpired when he heard Rip Curl was in negotiations to hold a Search contest at Lennox Head. Never mind that the area was discovered more than four decades ago. So the very idea of a contest titled “The Search” was and oxymoron at best. In fact, I wrote a satirical piece a few months back titled “Rip Curl Announces 2010 Rip Curl Pro Search Huntington Beach.” I was kidding but Mr. Shearer and Rip Curl were dead serious.

Stephen writes: “The implication was clear and unmistakable: Rip Curl believes they are bestowing an honor, giving the citizens of Lennox Head a truly rare opportunity to benefit form their Corporate munificence by holding a profession surfing contest there.”

Personally, I am a fan of professional surfing. But, there are so many bad ideas in the surf industry and this is just one landmark example. According to the article Rip Curl gave up on the idea or more accurately, has no intention of holding a Search event at newly-minted surfing preserve of Lennox Head for the next three years. Perhaps they came to their senses. Who knows? But it’s nice to see the little guy win one for a change, even if a “win” means just buying a little time.

Shearer continues: “Professional surfing will continue and I support that, even if not in its current format. There are ways and means of reducing the impact on recreational surfers: surf spots are by and large part of the global commons; restricting access for the gain of private companies treads a fine ethical line. Bottom line for the Surf Clothing Corporations who mostly control and sponsor the events is that they risk doing long-term and potentially irreparable damage to their brands if they think they can steamroll local recreational surfers’ interests in pursuit of their corporate goals.”

Update: They posted the enitre artice here http://kurungabaa.net/2010/03/12/david-vs-rip-curl-by-stephen-shearer/




29 responses

10 03 2010
Your Mamma!


You runny nosed, wart faced, toe humping, cock goblins!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!

10 03 2010
The end

I feel the same Way when TUPAT/jimmicane (insert fat guy who doesnt surf but has a massive amount of PORN ACCOUNTS) attacks me via COMMENTS sections.

Its like pros photogs and the surf industry want us to thank them for buying all their shit, allowing them to expose our breaks, and ultimately rape our very virgin assholes. ( ive stayed out of prison for a reason)

Ps. SURFER MAG i do not need a SWELL Catalog full of $30 T-shirts.

All the paper wasted sending out that catalog made up for the paper you saved by printing your mag on recycled paper…….fuckwits

10 03 2010
Sgt. Hulka

Lighten up Francis.

Your big toe.

11 03 2010
The End

Sorry the TRUTH hurts@!!!!!!!

10 03 2010
Clifton Evers

Hopefully NC will let us run that piece in the next issue, Nug. We were a bit random trying to finish this issue off so I left him out of the loop a bit. I forgot he had a piece for us to put in. Umm, major fuck up. Sorry about that. Professionalism is not us, as it is normally the group getting together over the interwebs drinking brews trying to piece the ‘baa together late at night after work. Sometimes this means things are, well, forgotten or I fuck up the good work of others (usual). I will publish the Shearer piece online tomorrow, and will get in contact with NC about the interview.

10 03 2010
The Nug

Thanks Cliff. I’ll be sure and link to it when you get Stephen’s piece up on the ‘baa. It’s a great read.

10 03 2010

Is Rip Curl trying to hold their “Search” contest at Lennox any worse than Roxy/Quick./McKnight trying to hold a women’s tour event at Swami’s???

19 03 2010

for sure, you doosssh. swamis fucking sucks balls, while Lennox, well Lennox does not.

10 03 2010
Grant Newby

We don’t owe the these surf clothing companies any more than we owe Target to hold a surf contest at any mainstream surf break. They give nothing to the sport of surfing. Why aren’t they building reefs and paying to dredge sand and looking after the environment. $80 board shorts.

Get real Ripaquikbong , you sell clothes.

10 03 2010
Enoch Ward

The only reason I read Kurugassabbqfaaa is because of Clifton Evers.

True story.

10 03 2010
Enoch Ward

I always thought Kurumbayaayaa was Yidish for Grote Turkeylips.

10 03 2010

Money (surf corps) will crush humanity (regular joe’s) unless Humanity stops enabling Money. Stop advertising someone else’s business for your shallow superficiality. Logo’s are for sheep, desperate for attention and the inclusion into a very insecure herd.

The clothing cabal has one imperative that suffocates an entire surfing population…. driving up demographics. Essentially, herding the sheep into OUR pasture.

It’s already eclipsing sustainability and relevancy and the sport has become nothing more than a fantasy to sell. They are predators on everyone else’s best interesst…. the eventual position of any institutional greed (unregulated capitalism).

Have we reached the tipping point boys?

10 03 2010
Jamon Bagel

if only we had Angry Villager with Pitchfork to lead us…

10 03 2010

Mike is way overdue for a surf trip to an unspoiled, green, lush land with swell from multiple directions, fresh trout literally jumping into his net and cheap livin.

10 03 2010


I think I’m way overdue for that too.

10 03 2010
Enoch Ward

Someone I know very well once said, “Surfers have become walking hyperlinks – bodies as intertextual echoes of media super-spectacle.”

I can’t remember exactly how I put it.

I mean, ‘my friend’ put it.

10 03 2010
Taj's Burro



On the Wonky Donkey trail.
And tipping ’em as we speak, mate.

11 03 2010
Jamon Bagel


Now who is fellating a rotten tomato? Or would that be auto-fellating?

11 03 2010
Jamon Bagel

And speaking of auto-fellatio, I accidentally read the new power rankings (or at least the first 1/3 before a spontaneous aneurysm erupted in my brain, causing blindness and partial paralysis).
Reading it was like watching Richard Greico rub baby oil all over himself while wearing a silk speedo and preening into a full length gilded mirror.

No mention of the weak-ass call to insert the ladies into what should have been the semifinal and final rounds, when there was actual surf.

Some utter bullshit about the new judging criteria that I am just going to have to quote: “it became apparent that turns had to conform to a power AND total on-edge-commitment-through-the-whole-radius-of-the-complete-maneuver criteria….There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Richie [Porter, head judge] and I think I like it, a lot.”

Cairns then puts Taj at No. 1 because he has “new zest” (yes, it really says that), and “more power in his hacks”. Right next to a video of Taj doing one-half and three-quarter turns that finish with NO rail in the water. Not that Taj didn’t win his heats, but seriously. Really? And Slater at 10? Because he doesn’t have enough power according to Cairns?

Jesus Fucking Laird Hamilton. Mark, can you give me some tips on quitting?

11 03 2010

@Jamon B

I just finished reading the same trite, vapid advertising section you critique and I want to quit as well.

What a piece of shit.

Taj did miss hits, that footage was of an equal 17th, not a first place video.

Man, did Ian give the Superbank a rim job or what? I watched most of the event and I never saw it “Ian” perfect. I’ve surfed Snapper better and that was long before sand was imported.

Great assesment JB, that article was pure crap.

So lets all meet at Mark’s for a QA meeting (quitters anonymous). Coffee and donuts free….. oppps bagels.

11 03 2010

@Peter perfect

Man, Lewis Samuels would have written one fucking masterpiece with all the ammo that Snapper offered and Surfline published Vanilla Custard.

Please call the diminutive savant and thank him for the bar (rankings) he set. It exposes those who follow as non talents at best. Although that bar eventually drowned the genius that raised it, LS’ rankings were an intellectual gift delivered piece meal to the famished.

11 03 2010
Enoch Ward

Thank you for the heads up Mike. I won’t waste my time with that clogged-toilet of a fiasco that is going on at Surfline. The Power Rankings were begotten and and retired with Lewis as far as I am concerned.

The Power Rankings were like a Nexus series Replicant with a preordained lifespan. When it was time, it just vanished… like a tear in the rain.

Time to surf.

11 03 2010

No waves here Enoch. Good luck.

11 03 2010

Shamrock Shake FTW!!!!!

11 03 2010
Jamon Bagel

Enoch, have you ever taken that test yourself?

11 03 2010
Enoch Ward


Don’t get cute with me, boy. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched Dane lose to Jordy in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.

And let me tell you something, nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch!

15 03 2010

… or balls you can’t lick.

11 03 2010
Jamon Bagel


Commerce is our goal here at O’Neill. “More human than human” is our motto. Jordy is an experiment. Nothing more.

21 04 2010
Cairns Deals

It would be great to see a surf comp at Lennox Heads. It’s definitely one of my favourite places on the north coast of NSW.

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