Jamie O’Brien-Post Volcom Pipeline Pro Interview

4 02 2010


Tell me about that quarterfinal heat. That was a good one.
Definitely. The heat with John John, Bruce (Irons) and Marcus (Hickman) was probably the hardest heat I’ve ever had at Pipeline. I was really nervous coming into it, but at the same time I wasn’t trying to think too much about it because I figured everybody else was pretty nervous too. It was kind of funny. I paddled out and Bruce was like “Oh you’re in my heat?” And then he sees John John and says “you too; and then he looks over at Marcus and says, “AND you? Damn!” 

What about the final?
It was two Australians and two Hawaiians. Myself and (Danny) Fuller. Mark Mathews and Anthony Walsh. It was cool because there were really good rights and lefts. At first everyone wanted the lefts and Mark wanted rights. So me and Mark kept almost colliding at the top, but I got lucky and got a couple really good waves and it worked in my favor. It was a fun final. It was a bit long. I got nervous. 

You got nervous at the end?

Then Mark got the nine.
Yeah, Mark got the 9.7 and it was funny because I paddled for that wave and I didn’t really look right, started paddling and I looked back. Last second I said, “I’m going no matter what. I’m in the spot. If he dogs me he dogs me.” I got a pretty good wave. I was really stoked. When I paddled back out I didn’t even know Mark went right. After they announced the 9.7, I was like “damn I better sit on Mark.” I got an 8.7. Then it got more inconsistent throughout the morning. So it worked out for me. 

Did you actually regret getting that score you needed in the final knowing full well you’d have to go to the beach and do about 20 interviews and not get to freesurf after?
(Laughs) Actually the waves were good and I wanted to stay out there. And I saw all the boys paddling out. After my wish for (the ocean) to go flat with 8 minutes left in the final it became a reality. Ten minutes after my heat was over it was still flat. (laughs) So it was kind of funny. 

How did you prepare for the final day? I imagine you did some yoga and downed a few protein shakes?
(Trying to hold back laughter) Actually when I’m in contest I get nervous so I don’t eat too much. I just fill myself with liquid…I was drinking water and Red Bulls all morning. 

I was kind of surprised you skipped the six star in Brazil?
I wasn’t even entered. 

But it was a six star. What about the points?
I was talking to a friend because Hang Loose sponsored that contest and my friend who rides for them said “come down I’ll get you into the event.” And I said, “nah, I’m good. I just wanted to stay at home in Hawaii and work on my movie. Just chill in Hawaii.” 

I’m looking at the ASP rankings and they have you 48th place in the one-tier rankings.
I’m coming in. 

But the ASP fined you?
Yeah, I got fined. I burnt the rulebook and they fined me. Whatever. It’s OK. It was kind of funny because during the contest they were like “you know you owe us money.” Every time I checked in for a heat they’d be like “there’s money on the side.” These guys were really trying to put the pressure on me. (Jamie was shown burning the ASP rule book in the trailer to his movie.)

Like the IRS?
Yeah, pretty much like the IRS. They were just waiting to tax me, but it worked out well. I burned the rulebook. It cost me. I was stoked to win the event and pay them back and get on my way. 

You board looked one sticker light?
It’s actually a couple of stickers light (Jamie is no longer riding for Rusty clothing). Red Bull stepped up. They wanted to back my movie making choices and help me in that direction. And that’s the direction I wanted to go. I wasn’t getting too much backing from some of the other companies for my movie, so I put my head down and went with Red Bull. They’re great people. A great company. There’s nothing better than riding for Red Bull. 

Are you looking for a lighter sponsor now?
A what? 

A lighter sponsor. Like Zippo or Bic.
(Laughs) Well, there’s definitely some interesting stuff going on. Right now Red Bull has my back and we’re open to offers. It couldn’t happen at a better time. 

This is your fifth win at Pipe, right?
My fifth win and my third time winning this event, so I was pretty stoked. I’m trying to rack up the wins at Pipe. That’s my goal in life. 

To win contests at Pipe and free surf?
Yep, exactly. 

If they held the whole tour at Pipe would you be world champ?

You don’t have trouble getting waves at Pipe but it still must be nice having only three other guys out?
It’s nice to have three guys out but when the level that high in your heat it’s probably harder to catch waves, because everyone wants that same wave. And it’s a contest so you can dog your friend. In a free surf you aren’t going to want to dog your friend. You know what I mean? Your friend can say “it’s a contest” and you have to kind of agree with him (lowers voice) “I guess so damn it, but I kind of hate you right now. I ain’t gonna lie.” 

It’s no secret you’re mainly a freesurfer and don’t do many contests. There’s a lot of guys who are really good surfers but can’t surf contests. That’s not the case with you.
I know I’m a competitor deep down inside, but I don’t like being at one place in the world when the waves are better somewhere else. I want to be where the waves are the best. During this event I saw that a good swell was hitting Bali and I was freaking out. Saying I got to get to Bali. But it just didn’t fit my window. It just so happens that every time there’s a surf contest the waves are 30 million times better somewhere else across the world. 

How’s the movie (Who is J.O.B.) coming along?
The movie is coming along really well. We have everything together. We have some final stuff to run through on the film. We going to be filming from now until mid-April and we’ll be doing a huge premiere in L.A., a big celebrity party. So it should be pretty crazy. It should blow up. It will be all done in May and we’ll start a new project straight after that. I’m going to try to go do something new and different after this. 

You play a big role on the editing process don’t you?
I like to be a big part of the editing. I used to do it, but I found a really good editor. He’s really good with the filming too…which is Dayten. I’ve also been working with my friend Rueben. It’s always nice to help your friend out. I’ve been working with Vincent Laforet. We have a really good team. It should come out really good. Red Bull is backing us 10 million percent. They’re telling me they are going to blow it up even harder than Travis Rice’s (snowboard) film. I’m ready. I want to see it. This is my dream. This is my world title…making a movie. 

Note: The preceding interview first appeared on Surfline.com







22 responses

4 02 2010
logo leaver

how much to burn the asp pamplet????????

4 02 2010
The Nug

The ASP site has his prize money YTD at only $5000. The check for the Pipe contest was $16,000. My understanding is the fine was $5,500, but it looks like they hit him twice. Not certain. Maybe because there was a photo from a few years ago where he did the same thing?

4 02 2010
logo leaver

Thanks nug, guess i could figured it out on my own. Ok now for all the homo nonsense guys…………

4 02 2010

Nug, you are making a fundamental mistake…. math doesn’t exist in never never land (ASP) and looking for logic or accounting principles will never add up. That’s how you maintain complete ambiguity in any situation (judging) and when everyone’s confused, the rule inspires the same scrutiny of “belief” that the bible enjoys.

Everyone has held the book, no one understands it…. business as usual. Just have “faith” that the product knows what is best.

Great interview Nug.

4 02 2010
The Nug

Yes. Perhaps true. I noticed I’m no longer getting updates via email from the ASP.

Since this is basically a rehash interview, look for a fresh post later today.

4 02 2010

Nice interview Nug.

Nice to have Mike in the mix…. particularly when it relates to ASP matters.

What happened to Mailman… he taking a 4 month break or did we finally chase him away?

4 02 2010
Enoch Ward

It is interesting that you can burn the flag of the United States; you can burn copies of the US Constitution; you can light your own body on fire in protest of government actions… but you can’t draw a cartoon of Muhammad or burn a copy of the ASP rulebook.

I’d love to hear the ASP’s actual reasoning for fining someone who barely competes in their charade, for burning a copy of their rule book.

I would then take their bumbling excuse, wipe Mark’s mother’s arse with it, and force-feed to Brodie Carr’s first-born child.

Or, maybe just chuckle at the absurd irony of it all and throw it in the trash.

4 02 2010
Jamon Bagel

Fellas, trust me, a certain Austrian-based energy drink company paid JOB’s fine by re-allocating approximately one one hundredth of its annual toilet paper budget.

I have firsthand knowledge of that company. There are some good people there. Overall it is a machine dedicated to enriching two individuals and their offspring, forever.

What I want to know is whether they did anything for the widow and child of Shane Mcconkey. If you don’t know who he is, click my name. One of the greatest human beings in the history of the world, Shane made millions for that company. I am still trying to find out what they are doing for the family of the guy who did so much for them…

Until the then the jury is out.

4 02 2010

Who is this Jamie O’Brien that you speak of??? Did surf on the ASP last year? I can’t find his name listed at Snappers last year!?!?

@Nug – by the way… I Quit.

4 02 2010
Jamon Bagel

PS, nice work, Nug. And glad you are getting paid. You had better be getting paid, or I will most definitely administer a ham-slapping.

Also congrats on best awkward print interview moment in many years:

Nug: Are you looking for a lighter sponsor now?
JOB: A what?

4 02 2010
Enoch Ward

Hopefully that dude who always posts comments here about kite surfing wasn’t named Stephen Schafer.

If so, R.I.P. brother.

4 02 2010
The original Jimmy Football

Naaa I’m good…

Its sad to see a fellow blow-boarder go down in such a horrifying way…a pack of sharks? wow.


4 02 2010

bad link

4 02 2010
Hog Flu

@Enoch Ward

That was funny. I think.

4 02 2010

@ Jamon (10:10)

That’s why we love Nug. He’s got a feel for the situation. Personally, I think it woulda been lame to drop the old what are you gonna do in 5 years ? right after the dude won a contest…. that ? is better suited to ask when he goes out promoting his flick in a few months….. but the lighter sponsor was perfect.

That and among other things Nug understands basic facts about humanity like getting people riled up over politics and that Latina women are the hottest women on the planet.

And I gotta go with Mike that Cote was good in the booth.

4 02 2010

Funny part of Nug’s interview…. notice the intro.

Surfline banished Lewis for being controversial…. now they pimp out Nug because he is??????? Tells you that they missed having some editorial interest once Post Samuels was aborted.

For those of our tribe that didn’t read the original posting of Nug on Surfline… the intro was….. ” We sicked Steve Nug on JOB”

Confused?… don’t be, the whole sport exists in bizzaro world.

And yes, the lighter sponsor was a brilliant lead, Nug’s gift. As playful as JOB is, he got skunked on that one.

@ Enoch… when did the rule book become sacred? That’s one scared organization. Two words, scared and sacred…. the philosophy of fear.

4 02 2010
logo leaver

Samuel lewis is fine you didnt read his new editorial in surfer. The one about pissing yo self. Its magnificently boring and pointless.

4 02 2010
4 02 2010
Nathan B. Forrest

Yeah. I do believe after looking at those party fotos that there is a bad case of pinkeye going around the north shore. If I were those guys, I would seek sum medical help pronto. Maybe buy sum viseene.

4 02 2010
Jamon Bagel

I just learned that the energy drink in question stepped up HUGE after McConkey checked out of planet earth in most dramatic fashion. In fact, they stepped up way more than anyone expected to make sure his family’s needs are met. Frankly I’m surprised. But if I were, say, JOB, I’d feel a little better about pimpin myself real hard for that particular company…

12 02 2010
Une vague et des hommes « Le blog de Guillaume

[…] lu récemment une interview un peu décalée d’O'Brien sur le site Nugable. C’est en anglais et on y apprend que […]

23 02 2010

JOB is a bore…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. does anybody have any interest in his new movie???
I feel like it’s groundhog day with that guy.

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