The Roundup: Literary Legends Edition

29 01 2010

Two classic books. Rest in peace J.D. and Howard.

The Roundup is a compilation of recommended clicks this week in the world of surfing and beyond. If you have any suggestions, links, tips or want to donate product to support a hungry blogger email me at I take gov’ment cheese and American Express. 

“That was the biggest thing I’ve seen anyone paddle into, ever.” – Nathan Fletcher on Sion Milosky’s bomb. Daniel Russo was there.

Why don’t we get drunk and blog? “All these Top 44 sickos do mad shit that is kept behind the scenes and it shouldn’t be.” Dion Agius tells it like it is.

Bruce Irons is going to surf the Snapper contest and he might just be my hero after reading this Charlie Smith profile. Excerpt: “Bells? It’s a fucking novelty wave that was ok back in the ’70s on those shitty boards.”
(Stab Magazine

A fantastic interview with a true legend of surfing…David Nuuhiwa.
(Liquid Salt

Remember when Tracks Magazine had balls? Kirk Owers thinks 2010 will be the best ASP World Tour ever. After last year it couldn’t be any worse.

Kelly Slaters’s newest board design is inspired by racing boats?
(Surfer’s Village

Does this look like wild parsley to you? 
(Sanford and Son)




25 responses

29 01 2010

Rollo…. classic Nug, pretty edgy for the time.

Kelly?… anyone surprised?

Saw a “Dude Cruise” with Bruce and Dane… Brucey is trying so hard to be the catalyst. Bells should be eliminated, true, but Bruce’s every thought is pure rationalization… self congratulatory at that.

RIP JD, Howard and Democracy. All enjoyed quiet deaths this last week.

29 01 2010

Lamont: “hey Rollo, this is cannabis, man. We gotta wrap it up in some newspaper and burn it and get rid of it.

Rollo: “That’s exactly what I had in mind my brotha, (mimics rolling joint) wrap it up in little papers and burn it.”

EPIC! Man, they don’t make em like that anymore!

29 01 2010

How about ‘Chris Cote’s racial stereotypes broadcast at Volcom Pipeline Pro’? Thus far he’s called Shinpei Horiguchi a “kamikaze”. Let’s try a few more:

On Nathan Fletcher: “Look at Nathan rolling the dice on that one!”

Nils Schweizer: “Just gassing it through that chamber.”

Rico Jimenez: “Barely slips under that wall!”

Possibly more to come, updating every time Cote opens his his godforsaken mouth. Stay tuned.

29 01 2010
Mike Parsons Announcing Voice

“Chris Cote is a fierce commentator. Hes really battling the elements today.”

I’m feeling the Nuuhiwa hairdo.

29 01 2010

NICE!~ dude you just got a plug on the livecast of the pipe contest from cote

29 01 2010

All I know is, Rottmouth of Blasphemy is a quitter.

29 01 2010

This is not a real life, Peter Perfect. Go towards the light.

30 01 2010

Another great Sanford and son episode is when they discover that revolutioary war musket…”Don’t fire till you see the whites”…”Pop, think that’s don’t fire til you see the whites of their eyees

30 01 2010
Bludgeoned Rucksack



Have patience. This too shall pass. Lazarus’ corpse may stinketh now, but it will rise again… so saith the Laird. As will Chris Cote’s festering crotch-curse as he pays homage to ‘Da Hooey,’ ‘Da Woof Pack,’ or ‘Da Bra Boys’ with his Astroglide coated lips. At least, Laird willing.

¡Viva el Pipe Finales!

30 01 2010

The whole premise is that they thought they shot the guy acxross the street…the whole schtick…just classic!

30 01 2010
Bludgeoned Rucksack


When Snapper kicks off, you need to open this comments thread up for a marathons session. Promote that shit days before so we can all call in sick once it’s as clear as possible that the contest will be on. We get Lazer, PeterPerfect, Mike, Taj’s Burro, Mark’s mother (who we all saw breaching outside the lineup at Pipe today), Demon, Trauzersnake, m, etc, etc, and it’s on like a jelly dong… stuck inside the two judges that failed to give Brett Barley that second 10 today.


Just a thought.

30 01 2010

Ya old fish-eyedvfool!!

30 01 2010
Bludgeoned Rucksack


Bend, but don’t break, will ya?!

30 01 2010
Bludgeoned Rucksack


JO’B tweeted about the Reef ass-picture contest. Sweet jeezus.


This is a contest where someone loses?

The only loser in my household will be the Kleenex and lotion in my bathroom. No wonder Costco stays in business.

30 01 2010

looks like BR got his computer back after being confiscated by his wife (or the FBI).

Sounds like Dion may visit this site based on his comments…??

30 01 2010

Kind of digging Bludge’s comment day when Snappers runs…

30 01 2010

I’m in….

30 01 2010
Taj's Burro

Although he surfed all of the gnarliest spots with just one other guy out so many times,… Pipe, Chopes, Tavarua, J-Bay, etc,… Bruce won one contest in 10+ years.

Yea, one.

What are the odds that Bruce becomes the next David Nuuihiwa? A freaking burned out drunk at 35.

Bruce? Dr. Drew just called.

He has a cash offer. And room at the “inn”.

30 01 2010

This site is losing steam.

Something-Someone is missing.

Do the math BISNAYTCH!!!!!

30 01 2010

Dusty and Jordy at Snapper.

30 01 2010
The Nug

BR et al,

Just like the Pipe Masters, we’ll do a Snapper open comment thread. Hide the women and children… and Mark’s dog.

30 01 2010

Bruce had a miracle win that gave his “retirement” street cred, though his potential never acheived his self promotion. Gamble your income, Worlds Raddest Dude, there’s so much money just around the next corner and you look so cool burning through money.

Talk about a talent left behind….

Hey, does the WolfPack have T shirts for sale? Wow, those guys are so Volcom. That means cool. Citybank cool. Morgan Stanley rad. You know… edgy.

1 02 2010
Thank God the fiery is out

What amazes me is Volcom is billion dollar business off of surfing but not one surfboard has ever been made(or anything else you actually need to surf), womens bikinis on the other hand…………..

30 01 2010
The Alpha and the Omega


Mark’s Dog Eddie would sink his little fangs so deep into your ankles that you would cry all the way from Mutt lynch to the Sugar Shack.

BTW Nug. Claimin early employment w-surfline isn’t like a statement of hardcore soul. More like a confirmation of o.c. averageness.

just sayin.

31 01 2010

Nice Qtrs today. John John is fun to watch. That kid sure as shit can surf.

Should be good Semi and Final.

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