A Quick Chat with CJ Hobgood

4 01 2010

Everyone loves CJ Hobgood. Photo by Jimmicane

Clifton James Hobgood has seemingly been a permanent fixture in the top 10 ever since his first season on the ASP World Championship Tour when he was named rookie of the year. Even though he finished seventh in the ratings, he calls 2009 his “worst year on tour” because he didn’t win an event. Balance may be the best word that sums up CJ today. At the moment he is juggling an ex-wife, a newish girlfriend and raising his daughter Genevieve. In 2010 CJ will embark on his 12th year on tour. I had a quick chat with him about what’s going on in his life and his dry sense of humor took over.

How does it feel to be back at home after another long season?
It’s like Florida out there (on tour)! Feels like home.

I heard you rent a room in your brother’s house on the water?  
Room or house however you say it, but yeah it’s on the water and my bro’s the landlord. But I pay on time.

You have a daughter. How difficult is it raising a little girl when you are away from home so much?
It’s not easy raising a child period, but it’s the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

How long have you been on tour now? Wasn’t Bobby Bowden in diapers your rookie year?
Me and Sunny (Garcia) started the tour at the same time. Ah, am I a senior citizen on tour I guess. But, hey, I’m from Florida. Everyone’s old here.

At the midpoint of the season you were second in the world and in title contention. Are you happy with your results in 2009?
No. Last year was my worst year on tour. I didn’t win a contest.

What are your goals for 2010?
To win a contest and hopefully have the most points.

Is there a lot more pressure to get results early with the reshuffling of the deck so to speak at the midway point and whittling down of the top 44 to 32?
Change is always good, but with the changes some people will get the shaft and some will benefit…just the way it is. To win a title you will have to get results all year so hopefully that’s the case.

Are you happy with the new direction and changes on tour this year?
I’m happy with changes. It keeps it interesting for an old man like me.

You and Damien kind of lead the charge with web sites/blogs to connect with the fans. Now it seems every surfer has one. But you guys do it all yourself right?
It’s this program that me and Damien developed where athletes can have there blogs run for them. They just have to plug in some stuff on the back end and voila. So in theory… no.

Two of the Gudauskas brothers are now on tour. Are you going to show them who’s boss, give them a rookie hazing and let them know they have no shot at taking on team Hobgood as the best sibling duo on tour?
I already hacked their blog and sent their computers some viruses.

You and Damien are lumped together so much. How do you different in personality and opinion?
We’re the same person? Opinion? What is that?

Do you have another world title in you?
Yes sir.

For more on all things Hobgood visit The Goods Life.




22 responses

4 01 2010

Nice “get” Nug. A little dry is right on the money.

4 01 2010

Cj Hobgood? Never heard of him. Is he on the QS?

4 01 2010
I love your Backside

Cj is one of the best backside surfers out there. Wish I could find footage of the search event in Mexico. I guess you have to have a good backside at this level, when you are a goofy. I think Chopes is the only left still on the WCT.

4 01 2010

I applaud your effort Nug, but calling CJ’s reluctance to answer “dry humor” is generous of you.

Surprising to read that CJ started the tour in the late eighties… isn’t that when Sunny came on, just before Slater?

Both twins kill it and will have no issue making the midseason cut in October (!?!?)

Such a shame that the tour can’t find a place for Restaurants and Cloudbreak. Or Margarets, G land, Macaroni’s, Chile or Pavones.

4 01 2010

C.J. was born in 1979. Pretty sure he wasn’t raging with Pottz, Sunny and the boys in the late 80’s at the age of 10.

If you need a fact checker for your site Nug I will do it Pro Bono. I called out Lewis on quite a few bonehead statements such as saying Kekoa won the Pro Junior at Bells when it was at Narrabeen etc.

But I am not cheap. I insist upon at least 3 prime set waves at R.J.’s as payment the next time I’m up in your area.

P.S. Mike’s pro surfing knowledge is even weaker than his character.

4 01 2010
dee mez

two of the coolest, most unassuming kid’s ever.
pretty sure they’d be exactly the same if they were running flats charters out of satellite beach instead of wearing the mantle of world tours heros.
thanks for all the classy representation and being great examples to the youth.

4 01 2010

@Mark and Mike
Maybe, just maybe, his quote abuot starting the tour the same year as Sunny was his “attempt” at the dry humor Nug spoke of. Yep, read the intro fellas. “In 2010 CJ will embark on his 12th year on tour.” Duh.

4 01 2010
Blasphemy Rottmouth

I’m assuming that you left out the part of the interview when you asked CJ if he had another World Title ‘in him,’ and he responded, “Sure do, Mick Fanning is balls deep in my colon as we speak.”

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

4 01 2010


Good point. I stand corrected.

And why would I want to drive for an hour and a half to surf R.J.’s anyway when I can just take my moped 10 minutes down the coast to Blacks?

4 01 2010
The Nug

While I appreciate the offer I think Jay got it right a few comments ago. I have never heard of RJs? Is that in Central Cal?

4 01 2010

Math is not an interest of mine Jay… apparently reading as well. My “character” is in question and I have no pro surfing “knowlege”. Well, that puts me in my place.

As for RJ’s, that’s a killer jetty up in Humboldt and a good reason for Mark to embark on a roadie on his moped. How he can fit a 12 foot “competition” model onto that little bike is a circus carnie feat. Hopefully, there is no wind on the way up and plenty of fast food drive thru’s.

4 01 2010


That was the first funny thing you have written in a month. Good on ya Mikey.


I assume you are joking about River Jetties. I had you figured as a Newport-Huntington border guy. Maybe I am wrong.

If you people are really that let down with my surf spot knowledge and lack of perception regarding “dry humor” then maybe i should just quit commenting here. After all Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and jim Rome are all back from Christmas break now so I am a little busy anyway.

Aloha nug.

4 01 2010

Nug, nice interview with Damo. Keep them coming.

4 01 2010

Mark, I told you about exposing secret spots!!! A collective apology to you Nugable for Mr. Mark’s indiscretion of pinpointing your private garden.

Demon, Nug’s genius was to interview either Hobgood and mix the responses. Brilliant concept, but his notes got mixed up and now he finds the two interviews indistinguishable. Go figure.

Good luck Calibammy, we’ll be rootin for ya. Are you going to Pasadena? Once in a lifetime chance brother Mark, get on it.

4 01 2010

Nug: Is that you with CJ in the picture?

4 01 2010

@Mike “either Hobgood” WTF? Shit, I thought Damo was CJ’s nickname! I think I need more whiskey to figure this all out…

4 01 2010
Nick Saban

Mark, I’d really like to see you in Pasadena, son-that 12th man wouldn’t hurt against them steers and queers.

4 01 2010

Looks like Texas “Christian” University just lost.

Mike is probably dancing in the streets.

4 01 2010


Did you see Britt Hume suggest that Tiger could solve his image problem by distancing himself from Buddism and embracing the superior “faith” of Christianity? FOX news exclusive.

TCU’s qb was throwing up punts, he was lucky to get that far. That’s why they are called “prayers”, only faith will absolve a lack of talent. The interception was just a matter of attempts.

Go to Pasadena Rottnest! Can’t believe you are not camping out! Go.

4 01 2010
Marks dog Eddie

Bark bark cough, Lazer weren’t you paying attention? Randall from LOST sobered up, went to college and resurrected like a pheonix into Nug, bark bark cough.

Cough bark cough bark bark, I agree with Demon that the Hobgoods are some hologram experiment of Globe’s, cough bark cough.

4 01 2010
Jim Zorn

I’ve got a pretty open schedule, coach…maybe I can call some plays or something.

4 01 2010
Blasphemy Rottmouth


I thought I flushed you down eight hours ago. I even provided the ‘courtesy’ flush just to be sure.

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