What Really Went Wrong

28 12 2009

“My parents didn’t like me watching that shit.”
—Dane Reynolds referring to the …Lost videos

…Lost is a surf company that, quite frankly, gets “it.” They get the fact surfers are not always squeaky clean role models. They get that surfers like to have fun, party and cause chaos on occasion. They get the seedy element of surfing. The do not hide from it. Rather than attempt to conceal it, …Lost celebrates the dark side of the sport. This is the final trailer for their most recent video—What Really Went Wong. Enjoy.




14 responses

28 12 2009

I loathe Lewis Samuels.

28 12 2009

Is he still aspiring???? I loathe him too, dammit.

28 12 2009

Pumping surf in San Diego today.

And Lewis look’s like a geek in that footage.

28 12 2009

Ken “Skindog” Collins rules.

28 12 2009

Does anyone know what happened to Randall? 5’5”X 19 is a classic.

29 12 2009

Wardo, …lost and Dane. Coolest shit in surfing

29 12 2009
Marks dog Eddie

“Aspiring” surf journalist Lewis Samuels…. considering what is published of “writers” in this industry…. an insult of the highest degree.

Bark bark.

29 12 2009
The Nug

@Mark’s Dog Eddie

That’s Lost’s style. Probably more of just a friendly ribbing than anything else. Saying Lewis is an ““Aspiring” surf journalist is like saying Lost is an aspiring T-Shirt company.

29 12 2009


I think he became like a software engineer in Irvine or something….hahahahahahahah!!

29 12 2009
All 20,00 chickens in and Roosters in Pupukea

Fuck Mark’s dog Eddie.

That mutt isn’t welcome back here and neither is Mark.

29 12 2009

I have a voodoo doll of Lewis Samuels (an old howdee doodee puppet with a pair of homo dior glasses) that I’m sticking pins (and my cock) into right now! Happy new year Lew Baggs!!

29 12 2009

witchdoctor is coool… heeheeheee

29 12 2009
Marks dog Eddie

BArk bark Nug, your response reads like a Lewis rim job to a tiny chihuahua who hasn’t the taste for your kind of reverence. Bark, Bark.

Bark bark 20000 chickens, my owner is so jazzed on San onofre that he doesn’t give a shit about Pupukea. I heard him telling Smyrna Jeff that Ponto is so much better than Kammieland that he doesn’t even mind putting on a 5 mil. Bark, Bark.

Bark bark, to Murph… my owner says that Randall got a lit degree and now calls himself Nugable. Bark bark.

29 12 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

All I have to say, is that Rincon was fairly good and I even poached a few at Silver Strand o’er the weekend. I also saw Eddie pinching a loaf on Lewie’s lawn last night. Bitch gets around.

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