It Was Not A Like Bitchin Day

24 12 2009

I first stumbled upon several months ago. I can’t remember exactly when. I knew nothing about it but was immediately drawn to the haphazard yet perfectly congruent style.

It was written by two unique individuals—Chas Smith and Derek Rielly. One American. One Australian. Derek founded Stab Magazine. Chas writes for Stab, along with several other publications.

On Wednesday, December 23 it died. It was a good run. No clear reason was given. Derek Rielly chose not to comment. He said we’ll “let it hang, mysterioso.” Chas Smith did not return my email. Even more mysterioso.

You could call it a surf blog, but you’d be wrong. It was more than that. According to the about us page it was “a place to talk and debate politics, architecture, surfing, destroy and uplift your favorite/most hated airlines and hotels and, should philanthropy be your kick, donate money to get a retard to a music festival or strip show. welcomes contributions. Y’don’t get paid but y’get the thrill of being published.”

They even gladly published two of my rants. One was piece called Fantastic Man, profiling the fictional Roger Sterling of Mad Men. The other was a review of Surfer Magazine. You can read that one here.

Producing a web site, although it appears easy, is often a thankless and grueling endeavor. Especially when there are no profits or revenue generated. Running a blog is a cruel mistress. Addicting, yet cruel. At times you feel like you are chained to the laptop.

No chains around my feet
But I’m not free, oh-ooh!
I know I am bound here in captivity

As of today, all content has been removed from Likebitchin. There is one lone post that remains. It is titled “Dead.” It appears the great unfinished surf novel will never see the light of day. Or will it? Those who frequented the site may feel a part of them died when the site went down. And I don’t blame them.

No sun will shine in my day today; (no sun will shine)
The high yellow moon won’t come out to play:
(that high yellow moon won’t come out to play)
I said (darkness) darkness has covered my light,
(and the stage) And has changed my day into night, yeah.
Where is the love to be found? (oo-ooh-ooh)
Won’t someone tell me?
‘Cause my (sweet life) life must be somewhere to be found
(must be somewhere for me)

Rest in Peace. You will be missed.




13 responses

24 12 2009
Dave Mailman

Luckily, Chas and Derek are still alive and kickin’ even if likebitchin is dead and gone. Nice work boys. It was fun while it lasted. Guess it’s only Stab and Nugable (with the occasional foray to ASL) now for those rainy weekday afternoons killing time…

24 12 2009

Sucks they dropped that thing. I’m sure we’ll still see plenty from Chaz and DR though.

24 12 2009
The Nug

Another recent casualty was Graeme Murdoch’s “Inside the Goldmine.” I enjoyed that one too.

24 12 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

I’ve composed a little umm holiday prose for my ummm… errrr, well, you people.

Merry Christmas bitch!
Gimme back my shit.
Hope that guy you’re fucking gives you herps or the clap.
Remember that one party when we got drunk and high?
You know the one where you took it from the back?
Well it wasn’t just me, I included a few friends to train your little mudhorn.
I don’t think Nug used a condom when he blew his load.
Why didn’t you notice the other three cats were black?
Mine’s a healthy trauzersnake but their’s were a foot and a half.
Whatever. Gutterslut, now you can use that hole for a garage
And park my fucking beemer there whenever you come home.
Merry Christmas bitch!

Happy non-denominational generic winter holiday celebration everyone. May all your drunks be easy and all your goats easy and drunk!

24 12 2009


Merry x-mas to you too my brotha. May there be many more laughs and much fuckery.

24 12 2009
SGT. Cock



24 12 2009

@smyrnajoke I am no kook.I am what I am I’m bucky the buccaneer man!

24 12 2009

Well tis the season for Blasphemy to return to fine form, a true holiday classic. Next year, William Shatner will “perform” that song for posterity.

So both Nug and BR occasionally fuck guys and Nuggy likes to go bareback. Now that we have that straight…. well, not actually straight. Add the three black guys and Chas should be pretty worked over, though content.

Like Bitchin was truly different and that variety will be missed, though I never commented over there.

Mark, please leave some cookies out for santa and lock your bedroom door tonight. If you were a good boy, you may find a new longboard underneath you tree and taking over your entire living room. Foam is your best friend.

Apologies for that last paragraph, Mark really is a good guy. A little off, but who isn’t around this pond and I find “normal” to be an awfully pedestrian adjective and boring as shit.

The wife is away and I’m free to cloud up the house, peruse porn sites and drink myself to sleep like the good ol days. Yep, it’s a Christmas Miracle.

Cheers and bongs up, boys!

24 12 2009


Cheers, but unfortunately it won’t be bongs up for me till the first. Visiting thef folks…at THEIR house!

24 12 2009

Hang in there Trauzer, it’s only a week away…

I’ll keep the fire burning for the both of us.

Now if I can just find the skunk that died in this house….

24 12 2009

The good news is that there’s a dead skunk decomposing further back in my kitchen cabinet.

7 01 2010

dont talk shit about hawaiians and you can blog forever (jimmicane)

28 01 2010

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