Holy Gudauskas!

7 12 2009

Two thirds of the Gudaukas power trio are in for 2010.

By now you know Joel Parkinson won the O’Neill World Cup yesterday at Sunset Beach. It was a nice little precursor to the impending world title showdown at Pipeline as Parko took down Sunny Garcia, Mick Fanning and Dusty Payne. It was the last WQS contest of 2009.

The final 15 ASP WQS qualifiers for the 2010 World Tour are:

Ross, Daniel (AUS)
Gudauskas, Patrick (USA)
Andre, Jadson (BRA)
Melling, Adam (AUS)
Wright, Owen (AUS)
Munro, Luke (AUS)
Thompson, Jay (AUS)
Yeomans, Nathan (USA)
Payne, Dusty (HAW)
Simpson, Brett (USA)
Wilkinson, Matt (AUS)
Gudauskas, Tanner (USA)
Logie, Travis (ZAF)
Polo, Marco (BRA)
Thornton, Blake (AUS)

Notable Nuggets:
California is well represented with the Gudauskas brothers, Brett Simpson and Nate Yeomans.

Brett Simpson joins fellow Huntington Beach surfer Timmy Reyes.

Dusty Payne becomes the first Maui surfer of qualify for the WCT. Additionally, half of the Modern Collective is now on tour.

Aussies continue their dominance on tour with nearly half of the rookie class.

Travis Logie rejoins the tour and joins Jordy Smith as the only other surfer from South Africa for 2010.

Owen Wright and Dusty Payne might become the most talked about rookies since Dane Reynolds and Jordy Smith.

And finally, with renewed optimism the Rebel Tour will debut in 2010, there are several surfers on the cusp of qualification that may gain entry to the Dream Tour due to fallout.




8 responses

7 12 2009
Aussie Wanker

It’s good to see Dusty and Owen qualify. I can see Owen making the top 10 his rookie year. Theres a lot less Brazilian cunts this time around too.

7 12 2009

The Aussies sure know how to surf crappy waves. Jeezzz.

7 12 2009
The Nug

Now the Australian is reporting new claims about the Rebel Tour are exaggerated.

Burrow: “I’d only do it if all the very best guys were doing it. I’m not interested in separating the top ten in the world. it seems silly. it will just dilute it, i think.

Andy Irons confirmed to Surfline on the weekend he would be accepting his wildcard spot on the ASP tour in 2010.

Brodie Carr: ASP CEO Brodie Carr told The Australian he hadn’t spoken to Slater lately, but had assumed he would be returning to the ASP fold in 2010. “Kelly’s qualified (for 2010), so until he tells me otherwise I’m assuming he’s on the (ASP) tour.”


8 12 2009
Jamon Bagel

Travis Logie is the Detroit Lions of the WCT.

8 12 2009

The Eddie is on!


Freddie P. needs to just leave the the announcers booth now. Mel killed it.

8 12 2009

@jamon bagel

Hehehe..,he sure is. How long before the thanksgiving tradition is broken??

Did Bruce come back to win the Eddie? Missed it, butb somehow doubt it.

9 12 2009
Lonnie Rott


You missed an epic Eddie contest. Large, wet, pulsing, erections marching towards the defenseless shores of Wayameuh’s gaping Bay.

And to top it all off, a Long brother gulped down the largest beast of the day.

I suggest you grab a tube sock and have a run at the highlights with the light dimmed and some ambient tunes throbbing.

8 01 2010

Brett simpo is going to take over Nate currans spot as worst cali surfer on WCT, though Nate yeomans will battle him.

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