Transworld Surf to Re-Produce Surfing Mag in its Entirety

25 11 2009

Today it was announced Transworld Surf will forgo all original editorial and produce a magazine identical to Surfing Magazine every month.

It was a logical step in the evolution of the 10-year-old magazine which was lambasted online recently for “poaching” Surfing’s cover photo this month.

The move will save millions and put them on the path to profitability by 2212.

Yesterday, Surfing’s Assistant to the Assistant Photo Editor Jimmy “Jimmicane” Wilson posted a rant on titled “Jimmy Wilson is Used to this Bullshit.

In the post Wilson said, “This blatant lack of respect and order in surf photography will eventually lead to the downfall of professional surf photographers and also may eventually spell the end of surf magazines altogether.”

“It’s true,” admitted Transworld Surf Editor-In-Chief Chris Cote. We have been living in the editorial closet so to speak for years. It’s time to come out. We aren’t copying them though. Our generation calls it sampling. If Kayne West samples an R&B classic he’s considered a genius. How is this any different? Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long to notice the similarities. Surfers are stupid really. But if we throw in a few shots of scantly-clad females no one notices.”

Cote said the February issue won’t be an exact replica. “It just wouldn’t be Transworld without a Broism or two. Like this one. What do you call a Bro who wears no condom…someone who likes to go Ruff Ryder style? Give up? A Teddy Brosevelt.”




22 responses

25 11 2009

Funny, but really, how many variations on surf pictures are there?

25 11 2009

The title alone made me spit up my coffee. LOL

25 11 2009
Ross Clarke Bones

I liked how Cote tried to rip on Jimmy by saying “long before you made the trek from Florida to California.”

Is he trying to make this a west coast/east coast thing?

25 11 2009

Ross Clarke Bones is right on. Biggie vs. Pac… 50 vs. Kanye… Jay-Z vs. Nas… Tupac once said to Biggie during the whole East Coast/West Coast beef “I’m just selling records.” Hopefully the surf media catches on, rivarlies sell CD’s and hopefully in this case magazines.

25 11 2009
The Nug


Looks like Derek changed the title of the post from “Jimmy Wilson is Used to this Bullshit,” to “Jimmy Don’t Like Poachers.”

25 11 2009

Obviously Nug is just making fun of the whole situation. They have already hugged it out Ari Gold style.

25 11 2009
Chris Cote

Oh so nugable.
a little late to the party with this feeble attempt.
This is a gnarly website, total debauchery and revelation? or is it cut and paste from Stab or Likebitchin?
Sorry nug, no one can recreate Postsurf, especially with weak shit like this.
Plus, that Chris Cote “quote” was dumb, you know i don’t speak that eloquently.

I guess I’m the idiot that fell into the trap and commented.
don’t hit send, don’t hit send …

I hit send.

25 11 2009

@ Cote

Do you really think “nugable” is an attempt to recreate “postsurf”?

I’m not feeling that. Sure they are both blogs which use surf and the surf industy as subject matter but the writing style is not the same and seemingly rooted from a different place.

I personally enjoy(ed) both.

25 11 2009

I had Derek change the title because I didn’t like how it sounded. He titled it in the first place. The post was about poachers more than anything and yeah, I don’t like them so the new title is more fitting.

25 11 2009

I like Nug. He may not be QUITE as funny as Lewis Samuels but I imagine that I would rather hang with Nug.

Good on you Nug! Keep it up for whatever reason that drives you every day. We appreciate your hard work!

25 11 2009

Just watching a woodstock movie wherein a band manager was telling his story about how they had to hire a helicopter to get some promoter to go get a shit load of cash to pay the bands to play their whole sets. that doesn’t sound very hippie to me. but alas that is how it was… and is, to this very day

25 11 2009
The Nug

@Chrissy Everet Cote
Oh Chris. You know I love you. You should have not hit send. There is no turing back now. Frankly, I’m more a Derek Hynd guy really.

You are correct Jimmy Wilson. Headlines rarely fit the story.

And Ross Clarke. I don’t care where you’re from. That is a jam.

26 11 2009
Chris Cote

Now you’re ripping off Jim Rome?

I know Derek Hynd, and you sir, are no Derek Hynd.

Derek Hynd mattered.

26 11 2009

For once I’m with C.C. (not Bechtloff ),
you’re no D.H.
Maybe a Lewis, but smarter and lazier.
Let D.H. alone, would ya ?

27 11 2009
mr. belvedere

Cote, now I know why the mag sucks. Get off the fucking internet. Also, Kelly Slater is from Florida, not sure how that thing with jim and FL to CA was degrading. We all know FL shits on Cali anyway.

27 11 2009
Chris Cote

i take back that lame comment about moving from Florida, a lot of my best friends moved from Florida, my dad was born in J-ville.
i do not take back that this is site is a hack.
that being said, i’ll still look at it.

27 11 2009
Kampion,Hynd,Warshaw and Hawk

We officially do NOT approve of Transworld Surf.

But we dig the Nug!!!!

27 11 2009

Florida rules Cote you fuckin midgit!

27 11 2009
Voice of Reality

Smoked Mr Cote out of his professional veneer Nug, the myth of his happy elf facade stripped away until all that is left is a snarky “fan”.

Add Chris to a list of “celebrities” who angrily retort to your “inferior” blog, though they still visit.

Funny how these same people used to chastise Lewis Samuels as crass and irrelevant and who now use his good name as a reference of superior content.

Then consider Cote’s slights on Jimmicane… a competing “intern” with a dubious homeground. Well, that is before the backpedal and a few coldies.

Too much time on his hands down at the TSW corpo offices, maybe the owners should take notice how desperate their editor reads…… things that make you go hmmmmmmm……..

28 11 2009

who the fuck is jimmicane anyways?
his photos suck balls, he ain’t no authority to talk shit!
i bet he’s only jealous, don’t see him scoring many covers….

and nug, please, you are definitely no D.H.
your name and his should not even appear on the same sentence.

28 11 2009

It’s Saturday night………

..but don’t it feel like a Sunday in somewayyyy????

8 01 2010

Someone post pics of jimmicane making out with RUSSO nuts in Hawaii. Jimmicane cant do double grabs but can talk shit until an hawaiian says stop. Florida, st. augustine and the east coast no longer claim jimmicane. Well maybe New Jersey but the yankees so who cares..

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