Breaking News: Billabong Buys Swell

23 11 2009

At Nugable breaking news isn’t really our modus operandi but as far as I know we are first on this one. Details are still a little sketchy but according to my  source Australian surfwear giant Billabong has purchased

Over the years, Billabong has built quite the dossier with brands like Element, Von Zipper, Honolua Surf Company, Kustom, Palmers Surf, Nixon, Xcel,  Sector 9 and DaKine brands all under its corporate umbrella.

No financials have been disclosed yet and it’s unclear what this means for the 10-year-old online and catalog surf retailer, but one can only assume they will no longer sell non-Billabong brands. Additionally, the timing is curious, since most retailers make or break their year during the holiday season.

One thing is for certain, they should have a large selection of flannel.




9 responses

23 11 2009

So now you are scooping all the big boys? Nicely done Nug.

23 11 2009

All right man! I need a couple of more flannels! Maybe a couple without the shit inside, although that stuff keeps you pretty warm

23 11 2009

I had no idea all those brands were owned by Billabong. The consolidation of the Surf insudrty continues. One day Nikabongaquckacurl will own everything.

24 11 2009
The original Jimmy Football would be an excellent name

24 11 2009
Ross Clarke Bones

Who cares? Can you do another top Fucking 5 or something?

24 11 2009

The consolidation of Money continues unabated. In the future, choice will be the ultimate victim. The surf industry is a small microcosm, think bigger kids.

Fewer have more, commercialism for humanity. Socialism for those that profit…. you know, “free” market.

25 11 2009
The Ghost of Weisbecker

I have never purchased anything from Swell. This will not change.

If only surfers obeyed Chas Smith and Derek Reilly’s orders to mimick C-List celebrities by shopping Rodeo, Nordies, and Target. Swell would not exist. Nor would The Froghouse or Katin. Soon enough, we will transform surfing into ‘Gymnastic’s for the Hollywood Elite.’ I can almost hear LikeBitchin’s collective spooge fountain.

Now, I am off to study more Thompson, Gingrich, Bukowski, Kerouac, and other peddled rebellions, so that I can parlay their metrosexual fervor into 4 more hits for my fledgling website.

25 11 2009

@ the ghost of weisbecker

Awesome! You go read the shit that most people are over by the 11th grade!!

25 11 2009
Bukowski's Liver

Go fuck yourself Ghost of Weisbecker. But before you do… get me some port wine and a racing form.

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