The Roundup: Sand on the Deriere Edition

21 11 2009


The Roundup is a compilation of recommended clicks this week in the world of surfing. If you have any suggestions, links, tips or just want to send me a birthday gift, email me at

Alana Blanchard won the first event of the Vans Triple Crown. Suck on that Anna Kournikova. (Vans Triple Crown)

Andy Irons knows a little something about world title showdowns in Hawaii. He lays down the scoop to Derek Rielly. (Stab)

Perhaps you’ve been hiding under a rock or have been on a week-long drinking binge? Here’s the trailer to Who is Job. Now in HD. (JOBtube)

Jimmy Wilson is in Puerto Rico shooting Surfing Magazine’s Swimsuit Edition. Lucky bastard. (Super Spectacular Adventures)

According to this map Ludacris’ ho’s to area codes ratio isn’t all that impressive. (Major League Jerk)

Is that a coffee bean in your afro? Buttons Kalauhikalani has launched a coffee line. (Sean Davey)

Here’s the invitees to the 25 anniversary of the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau. Let’s hope there’s a swell to run it this year. (ASL)

Joel Parkinson talks about the pressure and pleasure of fighting for that ever-elusive title. (Joel Parkinson’s Blog)

In the interest of equal time, you can buy Tim Baker’s book about Mick Fanning here. (Mick’s Blog)

Westside Santa Cruz surfer Ken “Skindog” Collins has a new web site. (Skindog)

A Sanuk store at Downtown Disney? What the…Hey, when Skechers basically rips off your shoe that’s really a sandal, you know things are good. (Boardistan)

Former longboard champ Joey Hawkins looks for redemption after an arrest for allegedly possessing methamphetamines and carrying a loaded 9 mm. (OC Register)




5 responses

21 11 2009

Haliewa had nothing for the men, so they ran the women’s comp while it was small enough. Boys and Girls, when you see more pictures of lefts at H than rights, that’s your first clue.

Andy loses, so much for his steel nerve.

Parko senses the bigger picture, not the end of the world. So much for his steel nerves as he floats his acceptance of his best buddies next world title. And boasts about last years Triple Crown, up there with the CT Championship. Didn’t Myles Padaca win a T cRown? Nice try Parko.

Sanuk at Disneyland… jumping the corporate shark in the land of make believe.

Buttons trades one fix for another…

The photo at the top is sublime, thank you Nug. The rest is garbage.

21 11 2009
Occy's Mum

That photo just made my morning a little brighter, my life a little better.

22 11 2009
Ross Clarke Bones

The Haleiwa contest is live right now. Some decent heats coiming up. Round of 64.

23 11 2009
Jean Claude van Fuck

Insane photo. The Who is Job video looks good. It’s a good year for the surf film.

3 12 2009
peasant is worth a look

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