Foto Feature: Matty Thomas

20 11 2009

Matty Thomas is California-based photographer who’s been shooting for more than 20 years. He once held the photo editor postion at Water. I’ve known Matty forever. He’s a super nice guy and a good surfer too. Recently, he returned from the European leg of the CT with some good shots and some great stories. Dave Mailman was even nice enough to let him crash on his couch.

Matty just launched a new site. Hey said he’ll be updating it with a lot more shots in the near future. You can check it out here. When he’s not globetrotting and shooting photos you can usually find him surfing at the mouth of the Santa Ana River Delta.

Matty Foto




5 responses

20 11 2009

Dane’s board says “Grate” Art is Horseshit. HMMM.

20 11 2009

Ventoura no hvae guud skools….

Interesting how far forward the hips are on that board….

20 11 2009
My Schwartzenstein is bigger than yours

Who is Owen Wright launching over/ Is that in Portugal?

20 11 2009
bone an raized

Whoeva dat is, he knows he’s looozin dat heat

21 11 2009

Over Taj, in the expression session?

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