The Roundup: Modern Collective, Mick, Joel, Owen, Fuel TV, Shawn Stussy, Racism and the Wolfpack

30 10 2009

Larry Bertleman

What a week it was in surfing. The Euro invasion ended. Owen Wright dazzled but ruptured his eardrum on D-Day. The Bede train kept on rolling. Parko shined. But in the end Mick won. Again. Looks like we have a full-bore world title race on our hands. Pipeline will be very interesting. There should be some Hawaiian trialists ready to inflict damage and dash title hopes. Why the photo of Bertleman? Why not.

The Roundup is a compilation of recommended clicks this week in the world of surfing. If you have any suggestions, links, tips or just want to call me an asshole, email me at

No safety or surprise. The End. Chas Smith’s final installment from the Rip Curl Pro Search Portugal. Spoiler alert. Mick Fanning won. (Stab Magazine)

Get your popcorn ready. The Modern Collective film is almost here. (Surfing Magazine)

Is News Corp going to sell action sports channel Fuel? We can only dream they sell Fox News to real journalists. (Boardistan)

Joel Parkinson apologizes for off-color remarks he made about South Africa’s racial past and present. Can’t wait until he visits Germany. Or South Carolina. (Zig Zag)

Original ’80s hipster, shaper and artist Shawn Stussy has a blog. (Shawn Stussy’s Joint)

Strap on those dildos booties and ass-less chaps hoods. And I thought Humboldt Jetty was cold. (Arctic Surf Blog)

A Bra Boy faces court over alleged connections to a cocaine syndicate. (WA Today)

Is the Wolfpack taxing non-locals to surf Pipeline this winter? (Demon Factory)

Exclusive photos of ASP CEO Brody(ie) Carr’s arm wrestling match with Charlie Smith. (Slide Mag UK)

Endless pristine surf images to waste away precious work hours. Tell ’em large Marge Nug sent ya. (Aquabumps)




10 responses

30 10 2009
Ross Clarke Bones

Yes! Larry Bertleman kicks major ass!

30 10 2009

Larry is a good guy, super funny.

How’s that, Brodie Carr, ASP President sporting a Rip Curl Shirt. Bought and sold and lowering himself to arm wrestling gay guys….

30 10 2009
The Nug

Good point Mike. You wont see MLB’s Bud Selig sporting a Louisville Slugger shirt at the world series.

31 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth


I posted a few verbs and nouns at your request. I’d do cool interviews like you, but alas, most surfers and corporate big-wigs think I’m a little too “out-there” to be taken seriously.

Speaking of large wigs…

…Mark, when are your going to bring your ass into a current comments thread and throw down? Mike is deparate for some political sparring and I’d love to hear your reactions to my dates with your mother back in the prohibition.

31 10 2009
Marv Albert

Big wigs?


31 10 2009

Worse Nug, it would be like wearing a STEINBRENNNER T-shirt to the world series game at Yankee Stadium. Gross negligence.

31 10 2009

Why be harsh on Brodie?

Put a NASCAR suit on every member of congress with their corporate “sponsors” proudly displayed on oversized patches and true corruption finds it’s reflection.

Brodie is at least transparently fucked.

1 11 2009

@ Blashemy Rottmouth

Sorry I haven’t chimed in lately. I moved to the mainland and am currently in shock at how horrible the economy is in San Diego. I left an oceanview perch up in Pupukea overlooking Waimea Bay and a good job with a flexible schedule making great money.
Now I am in misery. Literally. And I can’t return until March because my dog Eddie has to get chipped and it takes 120 days after that before he can go back without having to go into quarantine. So in other words I will at least be able to enjoy the Spring in the Country.
But my mom is doing well. Said she wishes you would call again.
And one more thing BR. You have to admit I was right on the money about President Obama.

1 11 2009

@ Nug

Great site, The Rip Curl Pro Search article was classic and thanx to the link to Stussy.

For those of you who are fans of photography… check it out… some unreal photo galleries.

Surfing needs more people like SS.. while most of the surf world (and media) in the 80’s and 90’s was infatuated with the idea of surfers as heavy metal rock stars, San Clemente Gangsta’s, and the North Shore MMA wanabees … he was cutting his own path… and way ahead of most .

2 11 2009

Yeah Elwood, the path he’s (SS) cut turned into Alex Knost and the Gothic Dolphins. Interesting stuff though and lot’s a pretty girls. Some things never change.

Ping ong… “I’m a north shore God” Ping pong… “Moving to the Mainland”… Ping ong… “Mike sucks cause Oceanside is sooooo good” Ping pong.. “San Diego sucks” Ping pong…. “goin back to the rock” Ping pong…. “Not just yet”

Your wife is a saint Mark.

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