The Roundup: Rebels, Dane Reynolds, Supertubos, Mundaka Pumping and Jamie O’Brien on Cloud 9

23 10 2009


What is this? Two updates in one day? The Roundup is a compilation of recommended clicks in the world of surfing. The Rip Curl Pro Search Portugal is underway. Round one was completed earlier today at marginal Lagido. Still no Supertubes (pictured above). Round two features some good match-ups highlighted by Kelly Slater vs. Owen Wright. Dave Mailman is providing  the webcast commentary.

Will the South rise again? For now the Rebel Tour looks like a non issue. Shawn Price breaks it down. (Faster Times)

In typical fashion Mother Nature turns on the tap at fickle Munduka just days after the event ended. (Surfing Stoke)

Dane Reynold’s newish, lo-fi blog has an update from Peniche, Portugal set to county music.  (Marine Layer Productions)

Jamie O’Brien’s switch 10-point tube at the Cloud 9 Invitational in the Philippines. (

Chas Smith is persona non grata in Peniche.  Exclusive photos of his investment banker. (

Long-time SURFER publisher Rick Irons jumps ship at the 50-year old magazine to slay the Dragon. (Boardistan)

This blogger has ideas on how the ASP can improve its online presence.
(Digital Surf Media)

A tribute to style featuring Tom Carroll, Richard Cram, Curren, Bob Cooper, Terry Fitzgerald, and Archy, Occy and MP. (Kurungabaa)

Aussie singer and actress Sophie Monk out Alanas Alana Blanchard. (WWTDD)




7 responses

23 10 2009

JOB sure has found a better tour…. Padang, Keramas, Cloud Nine…..

While the ASP hides in Portugal.

24 10 2009
Marv Albert

I love Pottz reponding to all the online critisism of Mick Fanning’s scores against Pay G by saying that Pat needs to do more than just one manoevre… that doing three to the beach isn’t going to cut it. He levels this critique at Pay G.

Meanwhile, after company man White Lightening’s last scoring ride, Pottz says “that won’t better his high scoring ride…” just before the judges drop their scores, which, suprise!, happened to be a full point better than Mick’s previous high score. Pat G is out of luck at this point. Potzz remains silent.

Mailman, you need someone like Peter Mel to do commentary with you. Potzz is a puppet in the booth.

Parko better punctuate Fanning’s footnote in history by smashing him at Pipe.

24 10 2009

no way could sophie monk ever out-alana alana. that’s blasphemous. bitch don’t even surf. alana’s cutback pisses all over your cutback. who the fuck where’s make-up on the beach? stupid ho.

oh and the nerd blogger has some good points.

JOB is still a douche.

the ASP still sucks at nearly everything it attempts. fuck ’em.

25 10 2009

Rick Iorns left Surfer to peddle crappy sunglasses?

25 10 2009
The Man

I don’t get it. Was that Dane Reynolds video purposefully horrible? And the music made me want to kill someone…or myself.

26 10 2009

thanks for the link-up to kurungabaa, nug. thought your huntington search piece was hilarious. keep it up, please, cheers. al

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