Tim Baker Interview

13 10 2009
I was (Lewis) Samuels before Samuels was Samuels. Surf journalist Tim Baker on assignment in the Mentawais.

"I was (Lewis) Samuels before Samuels was Samuels." Veteran Surf journalist Tim Baker on assignment for Surfing Magazine in the Mentawais.

Tim Baker is a 44-year-old veteran Australian journalist who has been covering surfing for more than two decades. He formerly worked as an editor for Tracks and Australia’s Surfing Life. Now, he’s a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to Surfer, Surfing and the Surfer’s Journal. He has also written several books including the soon-to-be-released Surf For Your Life, a Mick Fanning biography. He begrudgingly agreed to answer a few questions for Nugable.

You have written several books about professional surfers, but surfers have a stigma of not being big readers. Is it hard to convince publishers books about surfers will sell?
It was initially, but surf books have done well here over the past few years. Occy is officially a “National Bestseller” which I think means over 30,000 sales, not bad for a smallish market like Oz. The Michael Peterson book by Sean Doherty did similar numbers I think. Rabbit’s bio is up there too, still being reprinted and still selling 13 years after its release. My 2007 book, High Surf, was one of the biggest selling books at the Sydney Writer’s Festival, which is a pretty high brow crowd, so we are holding our own. Surfing is much bigger news here that in the U.S., much more mainstream. That said, I have a surf novel in the works and new fiction seems to scare the shit out of publishers and they don’t want to know about it. Sigh.

You have finished the Mick Fanning book? When does it come out and could the timing be any better with Fanning in middle of a world title race?
Mick’s book, Surf For Your Life, (Ebury Press) comes out at the end of the month and yeah, his current roll is pretty nicely timed. I didn’t really expect this to be a world title year for Mick and, honestly, one of the things that interested me about him was that he seemed to have seen through the whole pro surfing circus and had other priorities in life – he said to me in a quiet aside in Fiji in 2007, “There’s got to be more to life than surf contests,” and it was that statement that triggered my interest more than anything. But he is just so good, and has mastered the “game” of pro surfing to such an extent that he can still excel while putting energy into other areas of life. Kind of like Kelly has done in the past, which I find pretty impressive.

What was the most extraordinary thing you learned about Mick Fanning during the course of writing the book?
Maybe just how tough they did it as a family when he was young…the contrast between the hard life his father has lived, basically orphaned as a child, emigrating to Australia, driving an earth mover all his working life, very working class, and then Mick’s parents splitting and his mum bringing up five kids on her own. Then losing one of them in a car accident…Mick’s next oldest brother Sean. And just how Mick has dealt with all this. Used it all as positive energy to drive him on. His story is really all about how what doesn’t kill you actually can make you stronger. There’s a lot of discussion these days about how we make kids “resilient” to the pressures of life, and Mick’s a pretty good case study. That and the fact that he once busted Paul Fisher masturbating on a boat in the Mentawais and has the photo to prove it. And once walked into a bar in Brazil in a g-string to make his mates laugh, only to find a slightly bemused bartender picking up glasses and explaining that his mates had just left. People seem to think Mick is this serious contest robot but there is a wild spirit lurking just below the surface.

You were one of the few journalists who wrote substantive articles about the so-called rebel tour and the ASP’s response to the situation. The American surf media seems to be dropping the ball. Are they?
I think there are some interesting American surf writers – Nathan Myers is good. I actually like Lewis Samuels’ stuff when he is being thoughtful and reflective rather than just nasty, but there does seem to be a bit of a lack of hard news reporting. Myself and a couple of other surf journos in Australia have come from mainstream newspaper backgrounds so you have that kind of news sense bred into you I think. Surf mags often don’t seem sure how to handle real news, but I think it is becoming more important in the age of the ‘net and a virtually 24-hour news cycle.

What are your thoughts about the recent changes the ASP announced this week in Spain?
I think the single ratings thing is the biggest single change in surfing for a long time and I’m not sure people really get how sweeping it is. It makes the ratings completely fluid and dynamic and those guys struggling at the bottom end of the WCT are going to slide down that slippery pole pretty quick and new young guys can come up and claim a spot fast. If it was in place this year, a kid like Owen Wright would already be up there in the WCT ratings, and a guy like Marlon Lipke would be back in the minor leagues already. I think it’s admirable that the surfers voted for it and reducing numbers on tour, because it means less job security for them but a better deal for fans I think. Prize money increases are long overdue. Forty-eight guys competing at Chopes for $40,000 first place, when they are risking their lives, is pretty lame.

It seems the surf media has trouble separating itself from the surfers and being objective. One commenter here even suggested you are “just a fan with access.” Does being close with the surfers cloud the journalistic judgment?
I find this pretty amusing because I have spent most of my working life making enemies of pro surfers…nearly got into plenty of fights with them, been accused of all kinds of nasty, subversive views. Man, I was Samuels before Samuels was Samuels. In 25 years of surf writing I have probably made 5 friends in the pro surfing world. Most of my close friends don’t even surf. I spend very little time actually interacting with the whole pro surfing establishment, don’t go to the parties, or on the trips, or bro-down with the crowd. I’d estimate less than 10% of my work is about pro surfing. I’ve more commonly been accused of being an enemy of the system and a cynic and I do think pro surfing is largely a farce. I like to run my own race. But journalistic objectivity is a bit of a myth I reckon–we are humans, with emotions and biases. Why pretend otherwise? I used to spend a lot of time slagging people off and it just makes everyone miserable. Now I choose to write about issues and people that impress me and I’m a much happier person for it. Thich Nhat Hahn, the Zen Buddhist monk says, “Ask not what’s wrong. Ask what’s not wrong.” I like that.

What are your feelings about new media and blogs? You seem to have a more old school approach?
It is good to see some new voices in the surf media because for a long time it seemed like there weren’t any new surf writers coming through and people have got to get bored with the same old crowd. But a lot of the new media stuff seems to rely on nastiness and name calling. There are a generation coming through who think writing is abuse, that if you’re not insulting people it’s not edgy and modern. I find this a bit disturbing. There are a lot of unqualified voices trying to be heard and that’s all good and fine, the democratization of the media and all that, people will decide what they want to read. I realized a while ago I am a story teller. I like stories. This is what I said in the acknowledgments of Mick’s book: “It is a bit of a funny old time in the world of media, and books are my place of refuge. The more the so-called “new” or, as I prefer to think of them, “infantile media” chase potent 300 word doses of venom – shock, controversy, nastiness–the more I want to head in the opposite direction. Long, considered stories that pick us up and carry us along for a while. A love of story has been encoded into our DNA over thousands of years, it’s how we learn, it sustains us, and despite some contrary fads, I don’t think it is going anywhere.”

It’s also kind of weird for me to be considered “old school” when the web is all about immediacy and as a cub reporter on a newspaper I was out chasing ambulances, car accidents, fires, police raids on brothels, murders etc., and basically having to run to a public phone and file a story off the top of my head, fresh out of high school. Some of the web hounds seem to think they are pretty tricky for being able to rewrite a press release in a day. Makes me laugh.

There’s a rumor about you tackling a circus gorilla in Chile?
It was actually Peru and I wrote a piece about it that’s on my site: http://www.bytimbaker.com/recent_works/tackling-gorillas-in-peru/. I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written. I read it to my kids. Basically, there was a pretty crappy little circus that visited this little seaside town of San Bartolo in Peru when we were there in ’94. There was no surf. We were bored. I’d had a few beers, so when this man in a gorilla suit “escaped” from his handler and started terrorizing kids in the crowd, I had a rush of blood to the head, jumped up and tackled him, hoisted him over my shoulder and returned him to his handler. Pretty much ruined their act. I got a funny email from some random lady in the US who happened to Google “circus gorillas Peru” for some other purpose and my story popped up at the top of the search. It went around her entire office. She says I am famous in Kansas.

I recall a time where Australians and Americans had a fierce rivalry on tour but that seems to have subsided. Everyone is so friendly now. If fact, I haven’t even read or heard the term seppo in a while.
Maybe we’re all growing up a bit. I know a lot of guys of my generation – Elko, Barton, Curren, Occy, Derek Ho, Carroll, Pottz, regret the fact they weren’t able to be better friends, and their egos and rivalries got in the way of connecting as human beings. Now they are all great mates and carry on like a bunch of groms when they see each other. Knox and Mick are best mates. Even the Hawaiians are friendly with everyone else. Roy Powers and Kekoa Bacalso are two of the funniest modern pros I have met. I think it’s cool. It’s still gloves off in the water but they leave it in the water which I think is as it should be. We all love a bit of spite and venom as spectators but the competitive thing has screwed with a lot of guy’s heads and produced a lot of casualties and, on balance, just being able to recognize a fellow human with all their frailties and foibles is more healthy than butting heads.

Who wins the world title this year? Fanning, Parko or will we see a dramatic come-from behind march by Slater at Pipe. Or perhaps another top-five surfer?
I actually think Joel deserves it and if I hadn’t written Mick’s book I’d be rooting for him. But Mick is just so focused when he is motivated and right now he has that untouchable look about him. I hope it comes down to those two guys in the final at bombing Pipe. People underestimate Mick in Hawaii. He has beaten Sunny, Barca, Freddy P, Jamie O at solid Pipe. He has made finals at Pipe, Sunset and Haleiwa, and if there is a title at stake that would be great to see. Serious Pipe with a title on the line is really as good as pro surfing gets from a spectator’s point of view. I reckon it’s a credit to Mick and Joel that they can maintain their friendship under that kind of pressure.




38 responses

13 10 2009

Nice interview Nug, best in some time. Loved that you brought up “fan with access”. Baker tried to difuse his access by channeling his inner Lewis Samuels, but that was a stretch. Compliment to Lewis, he has a tenured journo begging to be in his company.

As for the blog negativity… the public has been suffocated by the ever present corporate sales campaign for so long, a backlash should be of no surprise.

Interesting that he threw out the Fish gossip and the Mick G string…. yeah, he’s not too close with his subjects…. unless he is.

The Nug pulls the story!

13 10 2009
Bakey Cakes

Tim Baker is probably the best surf journalist in the business. Good interview. For the most part we kick Americans arses when it comes to surf journalism.

13 10 2009

He is hardly begging to be in Samuel’s company. That’s a stretch for sure. Samuels is a talented Jew but he’s not in Baker’s league (yet).

13 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

Look, I’ve enjoyed many a Tim Baker article over the years. He’s talented, and occasionally compelling. He’s been doing it for a while. I respect all that, despite the poop I’ve flung his direction on occasion. However, when someone… anyone drops the line “I was so and so, before so and so was so and so…” it’s game on.

Tim sounded like a 65 year old has-been, with the body of a 40 year old, jammed into the clothes of a 17 year old. Desperate for relevance, swiping at the current medium, while peddling his broken down jalopy to the up and coming generation. All the while, he’s oblivious to the train that left the station years ago.

Lewis may be off selling his soul to ‘The National Inquirer’ as I write this for all I know. He could be locked in a thatched hut with Dave Chappelle in a remote wilderness plain in Botswana smoking a tree for all I care. But, for a few brief months, he provided his unfiltered thoughts and an uncensored comments forum that attracted surfers of all shapes and sizes to weigh in with their retarded opinions, vitriolic hate, and sometimes stellar wit. In short, it was a place where mortals could vent about the putrid state of professional surfing, talk smack about the inevitable foolishness of modern politics’ affects on surfing, actually open a thesaurus to come up with words like “sesquipedalian” when fantasizing about Alana’s butt cheeks, and rifle off a few pot-shots at rival blogs and surfing publications that sucked the creativity out of their readers.

Bottom line: Lewis Samuels did not feel threatened by his readers. He provided the fodder, and we provided our best verbal cannons. His blog didn’t reinvent the wheel, it merely provided the wheel for a few hamsters willing to take that spin.

Timothy Baker is a part of something altogether different. And good on him. A book about Mick Fanning’s hard upbringing is sure to tug some heart strings. Hell, I may even photocopy the thing once it’s available at my local library. But really, comparing PostSurf’s success to anything Tim Baker has accomplished in the internet age is like comparing Alana Blanchard’s and Bruna Schmitz’s thongs. Both are small in the grand scheme of things. Both can be attractive to the average surfer. But they most likely have two entirely distinctive smells. Corn? Cabbage? Lilacs? Daffodils? If I knew, I’d be in the hospital being treated for the highly contagious cock chaff.

In summation: We can all get along.


Fuck you Tim Baker!

Heh heh.

13 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

Oh, and good interview Nug. Keep ’em coming.

13 10 2009

Wow, Blasphemy is Lewis…. gracious in “victory” while making the salient points. Blasph’s emphatic spin on Lewis’ PS motivation is classic, open projection… so sure it’s cement. Loose lips boys and the drinks pour.

Does anyone think Lewis escaped prison by abandoning each events power rankings? “I condemn myself to overacheive myself”…. couldn’t last and his bar kept rising…. and the contests less interesting. And all for Freeeeeee.

Good luck LS, you’ve earned it.

Pretty impressive start Nug.

13 10 2009
Media Chalkboard

Tim Bakers nails are slipping down me at an alarming pace!

13 10 2009
Voice of Reality

Dave Mailman is commenting constantly on an abandoned blog when the Nug is killing it? Don’t worry Mailman, the bagel will follow you. Salty breakfast meats have too much sodium and the bagel is wasted calories, but they taste damn good with a Coke! As for opinion…. a bagel is dense and gummy….. and devoid of nutrition.

Perfect for the American diet…. energy to the sedentary. Or fat.

13 10 2009
Nobel prize

“Voice of Reality” wins!

13 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

@Nobel Prize,

Barrack O’Bummer already wrapped that shit up in his spindly little fingers. Then, he slipped it into Michelle’s tight little ‘hope’ box and watched her writhe ecstacy while he adopted more statist policies as he shot for a second term… oblivious to the rabbid right wing Limbaugh-fuckers who currently breed more brainless ballot-stuffers.

13 10 2009
tim baker

Thanks BR. I knew the Samuels comment would rile some folks, may even have been why I said it. My point is, from an Australian point of view, the American surfers’ hysteria about a man (an undoubtedly clever & witty man) bagging pro surfers and the contests and the industry and the whole system is a bit perplexing. Australian surf writers have been doing it forever, it is part of our heritage, a natural reflex. Jarratt started it by roasting the Bronzed Aussies at every opportunity. It’s just what we do, as a gang of descendants of convicts with a hatred of authority. I just find it curious to be accused of being some sort of servant of the system when I’ve spent most of my working life being accused of the exact opposite. Can’t please everyone. As a wise man once said, when you walk down the middle of the road, you risk being hit by cars going both ways. Cheers.

14 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth


You are correct… the toilet doth swirl the same poo. Clockwise or counter… the sphincter of verbal wrath hovers above both bowls. It’s just that it’s easier to harvest more peanuts in an open format. Ozzies held that vaunted mantle for many a moon, but my goodness, the chickens are beginning to usurp the cuckhold and roost in a Yankee’s nest…

14 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

Oh, and do Ozzie’s really refer to boxed wine as “boogers”?

I need to know, because I have a ‘friend’ (named Charles Smith) who delights himself in an occassional glass of boxed wine.

14 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

… maybe it’s “goon”. Not “booger”.

I am drunk.

Fuck all ya’ll.

14 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth


Steph Gilmore is delicious. i would cover her naughties with vegemite and throw my shrimp on her barbee. And by shrimp, I mean testicles… and by barbee, I mean chin.

14 10 2009

Wow, Tim Baker throwing down his rebel pedigree…. again. But you said it best Tim, you walk down the middle of the road, hardly rebellious. Neutured by corporate directive, you settle into the homogenous space that continues employment….. compromise.

On this side of the pond Timmy, that corporate directive suffocates any fresh editorial within traditional media. The effect on the CT tour is hypocrisy defined…. a “Dream Tour” as long as it allows a large “beach presence and an attendant carnival”.

Lewis Samuels vomitted candor and the vile was fresh, thought provoking and inspired response…. Something the magazines had surrendered long ago.

If only you and your Aussie “rebel reporters” had known of the massive, sleeping market (US) of surfers desperate for surfing literature you could have been Lewis Samuels before Lewis Samuels. Now it reads a hollow claim, no more respected than a Brazilian winning in slop.

But you’ve spent too much time walking down the middle of the road (corporatism) to notice the anger on either the left, or the right side of the road shoulder and your opportunity is waning.

As for Blasph, Steph is an ice cream cone… slurp.

14 10 2009
Dave Mailman

Voice of Reality,

Don’t worry buddy! I’m here too. As a matter of fact, I even wrote a “piece” for Nug a few posts ago. Admittedly much less of any interesting read than this excellent interview with Tim Baker, but I gave it a whirl… like those turds of BR’s circling down the toilet. Anyway, one of my favorite movies as a youth was Ghostbusters, and I kind of fancy the Bagel and myself as the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper of the PostSurf netherworld, waiting for our master Gozer, also known as Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, Gozer the Traveler and Lord of the Sebouillia (played by Lewis Samuels, of course) to return and take over the Earth, or at least start posting again! Hoping against hope, I know, but quite a few of the crew still stop by to say HI, so I feel obliged to say HI back to them.
I also visit Stab pretty much daily, but they’re not big fans of mine over there. So, following a heated debate with a guy named Matt Pedersen, I promised not to post there until the next time I get barreled. I’m hoping Supertubes turns it on!

14 10 2009
Dave Mailman

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. I’ve been asked to let you all know that you can leave messages, constructive criticism, or hate mail for the powers that be over at the ASP by becoming a friend of ASP World Tour Surfing on Facebook. If you are morally, ethically, or any-other-kind-of-ly against using social networking sites, I totally understand, and I will continue to report back to my masters at the ASP anything worthwhile about the tour written here. Just wanted to throw it out there.

You may now go back to your verbal sparring with Tim… which I must say is almost as entertaining as the interview itself!

14 10 2009
Dave Mailman

One last thing… BR, VoR, Mike and everyone else insinuating or frankly stating that continuing to comment over at PostSurf is lame, that I should get a life and move along, why do you all continue to drop by to see what’s going on? To see if I’m still wasting my time? Don’t YOU have anything better to do?!? 😉

14 10 2009

Dave, I questioned your interest in hanging out in a bomb shelter that has been detonated…. and no, I don’t have anything better to do until this south wind lies down.

As for ghostbusters, I don’t even know where to start….. Do you play Dungeons and Dragons too? Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and do you dress up as that character and act out scenes? Be wary of a Blasph invite into his dungeon…. Mark told me it was shocking and things haven’t been quite the same since.

Facebook is creepy as a social network…. as a corporate access (ASP) it seems Orwellian.

Now go get tubed, isn’t France one big gaping hole?

14 10 2009
tim baker

Thanks Mike, you are absolutely right, I am a shameless corporate whore and thank you for taking the time to force me to confront this painful truth. I got confused – Hynd was Samuels before Samuels. I was Cote before Cote, god love that adorable little cuddly koala of a man. The trouble is, I just don’t seem to be that good at it – why am I still riding this dinged up, four year old Dahlberg channel bottom? Why do I drive this clapped out ’89 Toyota rust bucket? Where are the bushels of free product from my grateful masters at the surf corps? The trips to Tavi? I have written many glowing articles about the brilliant job they have done marketing surfing to the masses. Here are a couple. Maybe you could look them over for me and let me know where I’m going wrong. Would really appreciate it.
Thanks. Your friend,


14 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth


Being chained to the moldy radiator in my mother’s basement does not allow me the freedom granted to most who comment here.

Ah, who am I kidding, you all know the feeling too.

Anyway, you can continue to comment anywhere you wish. I just prefer some meat on the bones in this current scrap heap of surf blogs. No Lewis to provide meat for the PostSurf skeleton, then I move on. I am a ravenous bastard. I attempted to comment over at Stab a couple times, but Jed’s Disney-esque gestapo he apparently wishes to foster, quickly dampened my resolve.

Nug’s articles are improving and he let’s the monkey’s fling the poo. That’s all I need.

Oh, and please don’t link to anything belched by Nick Carroll. I would rather click a link to mybleedingvagina.com, than subject my last precious brain cell to his tawdry, gimmick-riddled foolishness.

Gabba gabba hey!

14 10 2009

Good read Timmy…. the North Shore is a surf version of corporate imperialism and once again, the indians get fucked. Comprehensive cynicism is hard to resist, but I’ve found something new to read….

14 10 2009
tim baker

May I suggest the Geoff McCoy piece. I think you might enjoy it – strong aromas of berry, a hint of oak on the back palate. Notable quote:

Geoff reserves his harshest criticism for the state of the modern surfing industry and the big surf companies. “Bunch of fucking immoral arseholes, the lot of the cunts. They forgot about surfing in the quest to make a lot of money. I got sucked into it in the early days until I realised, hey, we don’t go surfing any more, sitting around fucking bullshitting to each other, snorting coke, carrying on like fucking imbeciles. I was out of there, and I was out of there big time.”

Damn, there I go again, whoring myself to big business.

14 10 2009
Marv Albert

I smell an aging hipster trying to whittle his way into relevance…

… wait, that is my own nervous ball sweat.

Timothy Baker, we love and respect your work. If I could fellate your tiny testicles this second, I would… but I have a very large mouth. In all seriousness, it’s just that your thoughtful research and well typed diatribes are not that accessible for us ADD afflicted, dimwitted knuckle-fuckers. Do you think JOB can really digest anything more than 3 paragraphs? Short, precise, machine gunned bursts of cynicism, wit and a bit of the ol’ homo-erotic yarn is all we peasants ask. Okay, I made the homo-erotic part up for Mark’s benefit. But, we’d love to have you as a regular here to muck it up with us retards. Don’t worry, the padding on the walls will become your friend after a while and you’ll get over Dave Mailman’s Turrett’s Syndrome – which causes him to incessantly post links to articles by mouth breathers who are currently wasting our most valuable resource… oxygen.

I must say, your comments in this thread are vastly superior in humor and wit to anything you’ve splurted in your 10,000+ word articles over at your blog.

Dudemanbro, it really IS fun playing with shiny things.

Don’t think those corpo fat cats aren’t watching this shit.

15 10 2009
Dave Mailman

Turrett’s syndrome and mouth breathing… Is that why I always wake up in the morning with a stiff neck, bruises and bloody gums?!?

I need to remember to take my meds, and to have my sinuses drilled so I can breath through my nose again!

But I will always be a Harry Potter fan! I’m torn between Hagrid and Dumbledore as my favorite characters… Never got too into Dungeons and Dragons though, all my friends never wanted to play by the rules!

15 10 2009
Dave Mailman


Yes, France is one big gaping hole, on many levels, but the swell hasn’t picked up enough to fit my 6′ 2″ frame into any of the aquatic kind, so I continue chasing head dips here on-line.

And let me clarify, I love reading Harry Potter stories, but haven’t gone so far as dressing up as a sorcerer and acting out scenes. It hasn’t been flat for that long!

15 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

If I were a Harry Potter character, I’d most likely be a Death Eater. Or, now that Hermione is old enough, an Hermione Eater… but that’s just me.

Dave, can I have back the 6 sided dice you stole from me in seventh grade?

There is some surf in SoCal for a change. Whodathunk?

15 10 2009
Dave Mailman


You’d be a Death Eater for sure! Using your black magic to take advantage of that poor little girl! Good on ya!

No. You cannot have the dice back. Finders keepers, losers weepers…

Still flat here in France. Get wet for me.

I salute you with a fine glass of 14 year old Glenmorangie!

Cheers my friend.

15 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth


Whyyyy youuuu posh little bastid! Guess I’ll have to be happy nursing my Jameson this evening.

Cherio, ol’ chap!

15 10 2009

@ Dave Mailman & BR

You two should get together and play a few rounds of dungeons and dragons.

15 10 2009
Marv Albert

I would put my dragon in Mailman’s dungeon.

15 10 2009
Dave Mailman

I think it would be more fun to act out scenes from Harry Potter. Now, if only CaliGirl were here to play the part of the hot French chick ‘Fleur’ from the Euro wizarding school it would be all time! We’ve already got the World’s Biggest Dick to play the half-giant Hagrid, and maybe we can convince Lewis to come out of retirement and take on the role of Harry Potter! Kind of looks like him already, and everybody loves him except for those kooks from Slytherin (to be played by all the cool kids from Stab).

16 10 2009
Dave Mailman

Do your part! Help the Surfrider Foundation.

17 10 2009
davross Anderson

Where are you’re real names you? MIke? Blasphemy? Laser? Marv Albert? Voice of Reality???? The threshold is being reached. You either come out with who you are very soon or dissapear up your own arses . Any arguments aside you’re actually lucky Tim Baker gives you the time of day with your anonymous and more often irrrelevant little forays into creative writing. You are all a joke without a real identity. So glove up, its time, or just simply fuck off. Maybe ride a wave even.

17 10 2009
Blasphemy Rottmouth

Alright Davross – you got me. The blessing of Tim Baker’s presence here and your salient comment has forced my hand.

My name is Brodie Carr.

So fuck you!

18 10 2009
davross Anderson

Thanks brodie, great to hear from you.


21 10 2009
Mark C

Yeah well I think Tim Baker is ok. This interview allowed him to lay down a little philosophy and I think that goes a long way past gonzo wit. Everything has its place but I think Baker writes for a surfing heartland that has grown out of irreverence for irreverence sake. High Surf staked out some higher ground and I’m looking forward to his new book. His open letter to Surf magazine editors is worth a peak

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