Inside a Transworld Surf Editorial Meeting

31 07 2009


Chris Cote: Okay, quiet down everyone. First, as tradition dictates let’s give thanks to our savior, leader and mentor… aSalaam ‘Alaykum Sal Masakala!

Everyone: Sal Masakala aSalaam

Publisher Liam Ferguson storms in…

Liam Ferguson: Sorry I’m late guys. I just got back from Sweden. Man those Bonniers are crazy. Those Swedish Jews know how to party. I’m just sayin’.

Chris Cote: Wow. I heard the age of consent over there is like 14?

Liam Ferguson: Easy there tiger. Guys, our ad revenue is in the toilet. How can we generate some revenue? Any ideas?

Justin Cote: Boat trip. Indo. I know it has been done a million times but we could make it…ya know…different.

Liam Ferguson: Apparently you have spending money and bringing in money confused, Justin.

Justin Cote: Can’t we just have Volcom buy the cover again?

Liam Ferguson: Problem is they paid us in beer cozies and sombreros last month.

Chris Cote: Hey, my sombrero was pretty sweet. How about another gear guide? Or…I got it! Another swimsuit issue?

Aaron Checkwood: (adjusts monocle…speaks in a thick German accent) all of these photos are crap…

Chris Cote: What about a guest editor issue…maybe Dane Reynolds or Kolohe Andino. Someone the kids relate to. I got it! What about the all-Broism issue?

Casey Koteen: (thinking to himself). I should have took that job at Billabong.

Liam Ferguson: Oh man, I remember the glory days like it’s yesterday. TW SKATEbording was 600 pages thick. Sure there were 580 ad pages, but still…

Chris Cote: Hey isn’t this an editorial meeting? Why are we taking about advertising?

Liam Ferguson: Listen here son. You are here to entice 12-year-olds to read the mag. That’s it. We only need you so the Nike and Army ads don’t bump into the Reef ad.

Chris Cote: (confused) But without my sarcastic wit and cunning tongue the mag would be all ads?

Liam Ferguson: All Ads? I think we are onto something here.

Aaron Checkwood: Ah. (adjusts monocle again) Like the Pennysaver of surfing. It’ll have photos right? Photos of the Sudetenland?

Liam Ferguson: You bet your ass it will. Okay, we’re done here. This meeting is adjourned. All Hail Masakala!

Everyone: Sal Masakala aSalaam





6 responses

31 07 2009


31 07 2009

“(adjusts monocle…speaks in a thick German accent) all of these photos are crap…”

That there is gold my friend.

31 07 2009
Sal Masakala

It’s about time I got some respect. The NBA doesn’t know what its missing.

31 07 2009
The Right Coast

Ha! That pic of cote is classic.

20 10 2009
Inside A Transworld Surf Editorial Meeting Part II « Nugable

[…] Part 1 of Inside a Traswolrd Surf Editorial Meeting […]

20 10 2009

I got a “broism” for you blank chalkboards….

“Brole”…… when a bro gets hired by a surf corpo and they have to find a reason to pay him, he goes on the “Brole”. He’s so connected and surfs well enough that they just need him to hang around the office with no apparent purpose.

Love your dialogue Nugget, but the truth is the East Coast has been claiming much better surf the last 2 years running than this pool we call the Northeastern Pacific.

“like the pennysaver of surfing”… classic, although they already are all ads.

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